Mama meet & (Christmas) Market, December 3rd.

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I cant believe it was over a week ago now, what an amazing day it was?! It was the 2nd Mama Meet and Market I have held and it defiantly out did the last one. We had fantastic weather, a beautiful venue, lots of fabulous stall holders to shop and some little touches which I hope helped your family enjoy a day out. If you managed to come along I would love for you to pop me a comment in the comment box, let me know what you loved and what you would like to see at the next one. Because YES there will be a next one, I'm so excited to get planning some more events in the new year, watch this space for more than just the Mama Meet & Market as I am hoping I can do so much more next year.

If your new here and wondering what the event is about then to sum it up... its a social event for anyone (mostly mamas) to get together, bringing virtual friendships to life making them a reality. Its a chance for a variety of Instagram based brands to showcase their products all under one roof for us lucky mamas to shop, so not only do we support small business but we support parents dreams to work from home too. The event is designed with children in mind, so I try my hardest to plan activities and play spaces to ensure that little ones can have fun which in turn makes it possible for us to enjoy ourselves too. If you would like to look back at my previous event from September, my first ever event then please follow THIS link to read up.

The event was held at the stunning Silk Mill Museum in Derby city center, Derby is my home town and as much as I keep receiving requests to take the event on the road I am so sorry to say that wont be happening. The event will always be in or around this location, the majority of the brands that took part in the events so far have also been local and It wasn't until recently when I was receiving emails from potential stall holders that I realised just how many wonderful brands are in my area. I'm not sure there will ever be a reason to move else where with the talent Derbyshire has to offer! Perhaps take this event as an opportunity for a little break, a night/weekend away with family or another mama friend, the beauty of my location is that I am in the East Midlands, smack bang in the middle of England! Making it the perfect spot to finally meet with virtual friends that you might have spoken to for years but not gotten the chance to meet. The environment I create makes it a more care free experience too! 

I was incredibly humbled to see this last event bring so many virtual friendships to life, myself included. I was able to meet so many Instagram friends for the first time, I was also able to meet some lovely brands that I have worked with online but ever met before. 600+ people made they're way through the doors the weekend just gone, December 3rd was a perfectly festive day and here I am over a week later still trying to catch up on the hashtag. The #mamameetandmarket hashtag it a great way to take a peak at the fun of the day with over 800 pictures providing a visual diary!

I was lucky enough to have 2 amazing ladies, Mirlah and Emma capture the day with both photography and film. All the images in this post were taken by Mirlah and I encourage you to take a look at Instagram Page to see more from the social storytellers! Below is a chance to see just some of the goodies that stall holders had for sale on the day!

The Brands.

What an amazing selection there was at this event, my first event held around 20 brands where as this event was over 40. I was so happy to be able to grow this number, as I remember feeling so nervous that I wouldn't be able to fill the huge new venue. Turns out I should not have had any doubts and its safe to say we could even go bigger for the next event (God I have my work cut out for me with the next one)

So here are the brands, all linked to make it easy for you to find them!

ROSE & GUY          Home Bird Makes       Beau Box

       The Little Shed           Polly & Me Home    WINNING WORKS

Just Jules      Katherine's Gift Shop     SOSATSUMA

Busy Baking Company     LUCY ROSE PARTY

   BOW BEAUS     RubyLous Treats Co.


      Grazed Derbyshire      FRIZZ & FRECKLES      Attik Home

     Mother of Pearl       LITTLE HERBERT

BD&MAX      Pumpkin & Violet     CHOCALCHEMY


Kerrys Little Book Corner    TOBY & GEORGE

       TREES BEES & MARSHMALLOWS    Lottas House

Sweet Charity Cookie   PAPERMOON BOUTIQUE

   Friends of the baby unit (Derbys NICU)


      DARWIN & GRAY      Little Paperie

Pudding & Plum Photography   DUCK DUCK GOOSE

Little Touches.

After the success of the last event, there were certain areas I knew we had to keep. A mini photography studio being one of them! I know all too well how expensive it can be to have a private photo shoot, our little ones grow so quickly that we constantly want to document it (you don't even want to know just how many images I have on my phones camera roll) How often do we get the chance to be in the frame? Have pictures taken on a professional camera? With someone who knows what they are doing? Whilst not breaking the bank? The talented Tara of Pudding and Plum Photography was on hand to get some festive snaps, she did an outstanding job and I have heard nothing but good things and been tagged in some beautiful family pictures this past week. Tara mixed her time at the market with pre-bookable slots and also walk in slots, which meant that everyone got the chance to get behind her lens, for just £20 you got a mini digital gallery sent via email for you to do with as you wish. Pop over to her Instagram to take a look at her feed which is full of beautiful captures from the event.

The last event back in September had a little reading nook, a teepee filled with cushions and books for a little spot that little ones could take a moment from the busy market. It was well used at the last event, but it was a little small. This time we made a Christmas Mini Cinema, complete with benches for little bottoms and festoon lights to make it all cozy! I asked you guys to send me your Christmas film requests and I made the line up with all your favourites which included 'Polar Express, The Grinch, Home Alone..' to name a few, this area was so well used again although it was mostly full of men minding the children whilst the women shopped till they dropped. We also had Jade of 'Ever So Sweet Events' providing cinema treats, Warm popcorn and fresh Candy Floss were available whilst you watched your Festive films.

More little touches.

This event bought the colder weather, I wanted to make sure there was enough hot food and drinks to go around so I planned a small outside food market so that no bellies went unfed. Plus this time of year calls for Mulled wine and Baileys hot chocolate if I do say so myself, Box & Bubbles LTD provided all the alcoholic winter essentials you could need and although I didn't manage to bag myself a hot choc I hear they were to die for! We also had Coffee and Hot drinks provided by The All Terrain Coffee Co, the coolest coffee vender I have ever seen! (Also the nicest tasting coffee too) There was the dreamiest Halloumi Fries from The Melt Works along with what is probably the best grilled sandwich I have ever tasted! Lastly we had Nigel's Butchers usually located in Ashbourne but they joined us with all the meat, from sausages and burgers too hot pork and stuffing rolls.

We even had a visit from Father Christmas who took a few hours out of his busy schedule to surprise the little ones, he was fantastic! So warm and welcoming stopping for pictures everywhere and strolling the market greeting everyone in his path. We didn't have a grotto area which at first I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find the space to accommodate it but on further thought it was probably for the best. Making children queue is a pain anyway then having that awkward meeting with the big man can be pretty intimidating for them too so I'm really happy that Father Christmas was able to still make his way to be with us despite not having a grotto to house him.

Then last but by no means least MESSY PLAY... I was over the moon to be able to have Derby's leading Messy Play group at the event. I took Oakley to Messy Play way over 2 years ago at around 7 months old, I fell in love with the staff and the whole concept of what it allows little ones to do. Play is so vital in a babies development, getting messy with play was always something I loved to see but not necessarily do in my own home so having Kate & Rachael create and tidy away afterwards was a dream come true, they really do dedicate so much time and effort into the sessions they do in Derby on a Monday & a Friday (which are a lot messier than what we provided at the market, for obvious reasons)

A HUGE thank you to my right hand lady Tara, you wouldn't believe the amount of late night texting, the constant Pinterest board notifications and endless coffee dates to plan this event all of which she has been an absolute star through out! Tara is the lady behind both Tickety Boo Events (Wedding/event design and styling) and then also her amazing store Tickety Boo Party Style for all your party essentials and more. Almost all the decor you would of seen on the day was created and designed by Tara, she knows how to bring a vision to life and yet again created something so amazing for us all to enjoy. I cant wait to keep working with her in the new year.

Finally, Thank YOU for making this possible. For always showing support towards me and my family. For coming along and taking part in my new venture and even if you didn't come Thank YOU for the messages and emails with kind words and encouragement, its amazing just how much us women can achieve when we lift each other up!

Here's to more events in the new year!!

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