Mama meet & Market- Stall holder Intro, No 1.

Following the incredible response to the 'Mama meet & Market' event, I have decided to do a little series of Introductions. These will include a brief chance to get to know all the brands exhibiting on the day. That way you can find out more about the cool people behind the scenes, learn about how and why they have grown their business and get excited to get your hands on their products! So many (if not all) participants in the markets are mamas themselves, It amazes me that they can be a mother and their own boss all at once, I admire how hard they work, what they stand for and Im thrilled to be behind them all and bringing them too you!!

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Toby & George.

We launched Toby & George nearly four months ago now, and with our first event just around the corner and our excitement bubbling, we have been thinking lots about how we have actually reached this point and still can’t believe that our little dream is now a reality.

We both initially came across babies wearing amber to relieve symptoms of teething with our first children. Time and time again, parents would swear by the soothing effects of amber and so the intrigue began.  Fortunately, first time round, we did not suffer too much with teething but this all changed with the arrival of George and he seemed to be so upset from such a young age; just heart breaking for all involved. My friend and fellow mama Katy was the same with her youngest, Toby, and we think it’s safe to say that between us, we have tried every single teething remedy going.

We both embarked on the amber journey around the same time and purchased amber anklets for our baby boys. Within days of our little ones wearing them, we were converts. Not only did they seem calmer when wearing their amber anklets, their sleep patterns improved and the teething symptoms, including the endless drooling just seemed to disappear.

Unsure of how amber works? So were we, but after researching the benefits we realised that amber has been around for centuries and has been used as a natural remedy for pain relief. Amber is not a “stone”, it is a natural resin and when worn against the skin, the amber releases the healing oils of succinic acid which is then circulated around the body to relieve stress and pain. The most effective amber is Baltic amber which has the highest concentrations of succinic acid found in nature. Baltic amber is said to reduce the symptoms directly associated with teething; including reducing inflammation such as swollen gums and red cheeks, boosting your child’s immune system, acting as a natural pain reliever and accelerating healing as teething progresses.

It was during a baby song and movement class, when remarking yet again on the positive effect amber was having, that we had the idea of creating a product and building a brand. Both of us had felt highly frustrated by the limited designs of amber teething jewellery for babies and we had also found a large number of imitation anklets made from plastic or glass. Fuelled by us both having careers in brand management and product marketing, it seemed the natural next step to join forces and create a unique product, and build a brand around it. We wanted to source an anklet which used authentic Baltic amber and give it a stylish accent by adding genuine healing gemstones. We really feel that these additions add an extra level of significance to the amber anklets and peace of mind to mama’s that they are using genuine products on their babies.

Just under 12 months later, Toby & George has launched with three unique handcrafted amber teething anklets. Our anklets also feature Howlite, a beautiful stone which promotes calcium by strengthening teeth and bones whilst also providing calming, soothing and pain relief qualities. There is a choice of three different anklets, each with a unique look and meaning. 

·                 The Love anklet is completed by the addition of Rose Quartz, a stone of the heart and unconditional love. 

·                 The Courage anklet is completed by the addition of Carnelian, a stone of grounding, protection and strength.

·                 The Peace anklet is completed by the addition of Aquamarine, a stone thought to bring inner peace, hope and self-love.

What started out as a fun project has quickly became something we are really serious about and committed to because we realise just how much potential it could have and it feels so special to be focusing on something beneficial for our children.

We are so excited to be able to share our Toby and George range with you at the Mama Meet and Market and can’t wait to receive your feedback on the products which we hope to expand upon in the future.

A big, huge thank you from both Katy and myself for all of your support.

We’re so proud to have our little ones wearing them, we hope you are too.

Sara (Mama to George) xx

(Take a look at their Instagram here.)

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Trees, Bees and Marshmallows.

Hello, I'm Corri, I'm a first time mama to my son Hugo and we live with my wonderful partner Lee. As I've grown older, wiser and looked more at the world around me Ive learned the importance of Nature. Keeping a natural flow just started to make sense to me. Ive for as long as I can remember now chosen natural food, natural medicines and natural skincare. Nature has it all to offer.

While embarking on the biggest miracle in nature, growing little Hugo, I was adamant I was to be at one with the natural way. I wanted to aim for a natural birth, breastfeeding was the only option for me, naturally grown homemade food was essential and please nothing near me that's remotely pharmaceutical, petroleum or toxic.

Having already embarked on my natural skincare journey. I was siting on a skincare course learning and mixing oils, it occurred, that is not enough. I need to make all of Hugo skincare too.

Skin and looking after it has been a passion for me for quite sometime. My main issue is petroleum and why it's in our skincare products.

It makes no sense to me why 99% of skin care on the market is petroleum based. burdening when the ingredients should be enhancing our skin.

Petroleum as an ingredient is placed in skincare due to price and the need to dispose of a waste product.  My research from books, courses and the internet shows petroleum contributes to skin and health complaints. Plant based ingredients don't.

So choosing a natural plant based skincare route made perfect sense. I believe in rewinding back to a natural way and using natural ingredients to protect and heal.

Experimenting began, research deepened. what can I use in nature that will make the best products? I wasn't thinking business. I just wanted to create skincare that contained the very best ingredients for mine and my babies skin. I looked at all the products people use during pregnancy and on baby.

(Sudocream, Bepanthen, Bio Oil. Etc etc largely petroleum based and very little natural ingredients.) I wanted to have a plant based alternative that I could use that catered for our every need.

I worked on 5 products:                                   

Stretch mark oil - No one ever wants Stretch marks.

Hair and body wash - We need to stay clean.

Body Lotion - Baby's skin has a lot of adapting to do coming into the outside world it can get dry.

Massage oil - Just for extra bonding and cuddles.

Skin Protective Balm - nappy rash, sore nipples, those unexplained skin reactions and cuts, nicks and scrapes. It all needs healing.

Hugo and I have never needed to use Any other products and our petroleum free, plant based alternative has worked for us. ( and now a few more) While tackling the knots of being a new mummy, I decidedit wasn't hard enough. (Who am I kidding) I wanted to start a skincare business. (I continue to question my mental state, why do we make hard work for ourselves.) I wanted to make the products I sourced, developed and created available for all. Helping people avoid petroleum based products. I knew that they worked for me, so why not give the chance for other mummies to see for themselves.

One year on I launched Trees, Bees and Marshmallows providing A plant based alternative for your skincare needs.

If one person loves our products or I sell to the masses. I am excited to see it grow and hear people's thoughts. And even if I get one person to remove all petroleum based products from there life I've had a result.

Love Corri and Hugo xxx

(Take a look at their Instagram here.)


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Sweet Charity Cookies.

I'm Michelle and I bake beautiful cookies that make a difference.

I first came across Francis House Children's Hospice when my son was born 21 years ago. A little girl called Kirsty born at the same time suffering from a very rare heart condition. A fundraising appeal was initiated, called Kirsty's appeal , and was spearheaded by David Beckham and Manchester United to raise money for the hospice.
Over the years we donated to the hospice and it was only a few years ago when I was asked to make a wedding cake and cookie favours for a friend that the seed was planted, I knew exactly how I could begin raising money for the hospice.  I declined any payment for the wedding and asked the couple to make a donation to the hospice.

So, Sweet Charity was born and continues to raise much needed funds for the hospice. 100% of the money received goes to them and all associated costs -ingredients, packaging, travel, stall costs etc are borne by us as a family.

So, what could be sweeter ?   It's the gift of giving twice!  The hospice receives the money and the recipient the cookies!

See you all in September, I will provide the sweet treats!

Michelle xxx

Thanks for reading the first of many Introductions to the amazing people you can meet, shop and get to know. I'm so excited to introduce you to more of the brands we know and love... Roll on September 3rd!!

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