Mama meet & Market- Stall holder Intro, No 2.

Less than a month until the Market! Eeek, nerves are setting in and I'm already having nightmares about no one turning up and me splitting my trousers in front the few that do attend. I'm assuming this is normal, or at least I hope it is. Anyway time to introduce our next installment of brands. Here is another selection of fab ladies that are bossing it and providing us with unique products which I love. Enjoy...

Hi, hello...I'm Gray (Stacey) and Darwin is my golden Cocker Spaniel.

We are a paper & textile design brand based in Derbyshire, England. Back in 2012 following a DIY screen printing Pinterest fail, a few metres of fabric and a little simplistic creativity....our first product was unexpectedly born, a hand painted initial cushion. Skip a year of dishing them out to family and friends and we were open for business on Etsy selling them all over. Fast forward 5 years and that little cushion has expanded into much more than I could have ever imagined.

Everything at Darwin & Gray is made in-house (it’s about as ‘in-house’ as you can get, I literally make everything in my bedroom/studio) from sewing to screen printing, hand marbling to dip dying - it’s a labour of absolute love. Whenever an order comes through, a review is posted or even just hearing some lovely feedback on something that I’ve made from scratch...the feeling of pride/pure happiness is indescribable. It has been a total journey full of learning curves and new experiences over the last 5 years and I can’t thank everybody enough for their support.

So now for the next step....This event is a first for Darwin & Gray and I would be lying if I was to

say that I wasn’t already a little nervous about coming out into the wilderness but I couldn’t

imagine a lovelier event to be a part of alongside some amazing fellow creatives and brands.

See you all at Mama Meet & Market in September!


Fancy getting to know us better?

Follow us on Instagram @darwinandgray

or have a peek at our blog

Florence & Bow

We are Caroline & Katie, wives, mums and based in Leicestershire. We both have 11 years experience in Buying and Merchandising for several major Fashion Retailers. We launched Florence & Bow after taking career breaks to have our four children (Evie, Nancy, Charlie & Lily). Starting our own business has allowed us to indulge in our passion for interiors, homeware and bespoke, handmade gifts. We love creating pieces that are personal to individuals and have a real meaning behind them. 

Our aim for Florence & Bow was to develop an exciting brand that primarily focuses on personalised and bespoke giftware. All of our personalised gifts are completely unique and tailor-made. We are always on the look out for new and exciting products to keep our range fresh and current.

We have a number of local stockists and hope to expand this area of the business further. We organise a number of Shopping events throughout the year which have proved to be extremely popular. it's a great opportunity to meet customers new and old as well as working with other local small businesses . We also work in collaboration with a number of wedding industry suppliers to provide props for styled shoots and events.


1.     Hi Ladies introduce yourself?

Hello! We are Caroline & Katie from Florence & Bow. We are an online Home & Giftware website based in Leicestershire. We attend lots of local Shopping events with our range and even host a couple of our own events.

2. Where did 'Florence and Bow' stem from?

We both worked together at a well known high street retailer for a number of years in Buying and Merchandising. We left at similar times to start a family and we both knew we didn't want to return to working full time for someone else. When are youngest two were just 6 months old we decided to start our own business and two and a half years later here we are.

3. How would you describe your stock?

We always look for something a bit different but still accessible to all. No matter your budget or style we hope you can find something to add a bit of a modern twist to your home or as a gift for a friend.

4. What influences you and your business?

We are huge Instagram fans and love scrolling through and having a nosey at other peoples homes and lifestyles. We particularly love the house renovations and love seeing the before and after pictures!

5. How do you manage mum life and work life?

This is something we struggle with daily. We both have two children of similar ages, one at school and the other in occasional childcare but very much still at home with us. We try to have one day a week where we get together to work but quite often we grab a quick phone call here and there. We are guilty of answering emails very early in the morning or last thing at night but at the moment this works for us and it will only get easier as the kids get older. We just love the fact we can work around the kids and get to spend as much time as we can with them, we are very lucky!

6. Where is your favourite place/s to shop?

With very little time to get to the shops we mainly shop online. We also like to support small businesses at the events we attend and via instagram/facebook.

7. Are you looking forward to the 'Mama meet & Market'?

We can't wait!! Its a wonderful idea, something a bit different to some of the other events that we attend. We love the fact that there is something for everyone! Sensory play to keep the kids entertained and Afternoon tea for the adults. Not to mention all the other wonderful small businesses that will be there. See you there!!

We are ever so slightly addicted to Instagram and Facebook so pop on over and follow our feeds to get an insight in to who we are and what we do, both at work and home. You can also sign up to our monthly newsletter, to be the first to hear about any new products and receive special discounts.


Hello, we are Parker & Me and we are an online shop selling lots of beautiful unique children’s brands from all over the UK and world!  Now to explain who Parker is (you may well have guest!), well he is my miniature/toy Poodle and my best friend! So only felt right that he was featured in my little shop somewhat so what better way than in the name of it!

I have always wanted to own my own business and have followed so many of these gorgeous brands over the years as we are still on our journey through IVF to get our miracle, I felt this is the perfect way to keep my mind busy and still be able to be part of sending these beautiful items off to there forever homes! So, I took the plunge in February 2017 and have loved every minute, I can tell you know hand on my heart every time I receive an order through I feel so happy I could burst!

My wish for Parker & Me is to have my own shop which would fulfill a child hood dream! But for now, we are just happy to be sending out your precious gifts with lots of love and paw high fives from Parker!

I am so looking forward to the Mama meet and market I can’t wait to meet so many of you that have shown me so much support over the past few months!!

Until then you can follow what we are up to on our social media:

Facebook: @parkerandmechildrensapparel

Instagram: @parkerandme2017

Lots of Love Kathryn & Parker x



Toddler Sense Derby.

With Sarah.

Toddler Sense is a safe and enjoyable environment in which you can help your toddler learn through play, great music, great equipment and great new ideas. Sensory play has an important role in development. When you talk about senses most kids over a certain age can rattle them off without problem: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Any and all of these can be incorporated into sensory play suitable for toddlers.

All children can benefit from sensory play . There are certain groups of children, such as those who have autism who have specific difficulty making sense of and organizing all the stimuli that come at them via their senses. All children need help learning how to use their senses from the very first day they are born, children are designed to explore the world via their senses. That's why you always find babies and toddlers touching everything and putting things in their mouths. It's why kids make funny sounds with their mouths and experiment with how the world sounds with their fingers stuck in their ears. It's why your child spins in circles until there dizzy, but even when they fall they get straight back up to do it again.

Sensory play is so much more than you might expect, its not just sand and water as I once thought it would have involved. Sensory play can help with the development of a child's language and also fine motor skills too.

I'm thrilled to have them set up at the event, Sarah will provide a structured a 15 minute play every hour, with free play in between. She will be there for the 4 hour duration of the market and will be offering her services for free. This area is for children under the age of 5.

Once again thanks for taking the time to read my post, Its lovely being able to share so many wonderful businesses with you in the run up to the event. Its a great way for you guys to get an idea of how amazing they are and the great things you can shop on the day. You may need to raid the kiddies piggy banks! See you on September 3rd.