Family Room Makeover


There is always a hub of the home isn't there? I'm sure they say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but you cant even swing a bat let alone a cat in my kitchen so unfortunately for me that saying isn't true. I would say the dining room is the room we use most, we eat in their 3 times a day (well most of us do) we play in there, we nap in there (again some of us, not all) yet even with all the time spent, I hated the room. It was boring, basic, messy and didn't suit us at all. So queue nagging wife and sick of hearing it husband, we made the decision to give the room a quick makeover. It would have to be quick because well, that's the pace your life moves with 2 kids in tow. So we had Daniels parents have them both over night and give us a grand total of 18-20 hours to get it all done. 

We penciled in the rents a few weeks prior, so that meant that when and where we could we stocked up on the things we needed. Paint, brushes, accessories, ideas etc This was what meant we could get things done as quickly as we did, we stashed away a rug, plant, lamp and prints in the weeks prior so that we were good to finish those finishing touches as soon as the paint had dried. This is defiantly something I would recommend doing, especially if your super impatient like I am, granted sometimes you don't always know what you want to add into the room until its done but I had a vision and so I went with it. Just as we were when we did a 60 minute style makeover on the living room (Will link HERE) We were on a budget, there were no new fancy dining tables, no new furniture on order. Both the table and the swivel chair were seconds. We knew that the IKEA unit already on the wall was staying for toy storage, all we really needed was a mass clear out, mass clean, a lick of paint and some new accessories to give the room some character.


Now if you watch my Instagram stories then you will know that my Farrow & Ball purchase didn't sit to well with my husband, £40 (well £43 but he still doesn't know that) on a tub of paint is a little pricey but somehow the power of Instagram made me do it, I was forever seeing the most amazing interior accounts using it and presumed that it must of been incredible, wrong! My husband who is in the trade has worked with plenty of paints and said he would never use it again as it made his job hard work, after less than 24 hours it needed touching up and had chipped of on a corner when it was knocked. The colour was insanely beautiful (We went with 'Down pipe') and exactly what I wanted, the finish was great too for the best part. However, here I am talking about a budget, so if you are on a budget yourself try getting a colour match mixed up.

For the table we used Rust Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint, I have used this paint before, as an Annie Slone substitute. I think its reasonably easy to use, I sanded down each part before I painted and wiped away any excess dust. Then after each part was painted I used the wax as instructed on the tin, to seal the paint. This stops the paint chipping away over time, and gives it an over all glaze I guess. It isn't a quick process but I managed to do the whole lot in a few hours on my own. For the top of the table, I sanded it down and then using a Rust Oleum varnish I gave it just one coat, this sealed the top nicely against the children's mess. I had found some chair inspiration on Instagram a while back and had always loved the idea of a random selection of colours, knowing the little ones would love them and they would bring something different to the room I went for it. We now have 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 grey and 1 white chair. All shades listed below. 

  • Yellow- 'Mustard'
  • Pink- 'Dusty Pink'
  • Grey- 'Anthracite'
  • White (also used for table)- 'Chalk White'


We used a set of 3 square Ikea frames that were already up in the room, but we moved them to a different wall that made more sense to the layout of the room. I think Ikea frames are amazing, simple but sturdy and long lasting, they just look so clean. I also kept a Letter Box Lane a5 print in the room, as unknowingly the colours in it are perfect! 'Dream big little one' such a perfect statement in a room that's used by 2 little souls, I have added a link to shop HERE. The new prints on the statement wall are from Poppy Rudden, her colourful prints are so beautiful and she has some beautiful designs. I have also popped the 'Hello' sign from Florence & Bow with the prints as I liked the way the yellow stood out against the dark wall.

I was amazed when I found the grey pom pom cushions in The Range, just £5.99 each and that wasn't just for the cover but the insert too. Perfect touch to our new (but old) snuggle chair. We got our grey and white patterned rug from Ikea which was £59 (Shop HERE) Its a fantastic size for that price, it has created a nice play area for the kids too so I have kept it free of furniture so that it acts as one big play mat for there toys to be emptied out on too each day. The plant is from Ikea too, and its artificial (Did you even notice? because I don't think you can) It was £35 but when you think about the money that will save in the long run when you don't have to keep re buying to replace the dead ones then I think its an investment.

Both the floor lamp and the matching ceiling shade are from The Range, Initially I had decided when we started planning the room that I wanted a rose gold/copper lamp but when I saw them in stores I was worried that they would be a little 'too much' they were so shiny and kind of tacky that I almost changed my mind. I decided to just get one home and see, defiantly the right decision as I LOVE it now, I would defiantly suggest taking things home to see for yourself as things can look so different in a bright shopping store.  (Shop the floor lamp HERE) We got the matching ceiling shade too which was only £19.99 (Shop HERE)

Bauble lights- Tkmax, Foot cushion- Next, Curtains- Ebay, '&' wire block- Next

This room is making the dark (and earlier than I would prefer) mornings a little easier to bare, it feels cozy and homely which is what I wanted. It functions as a stylish room to host in, but also a warm place for the kids to play and us to eat as a family. I was worried that I was being cruel moving some of Oakley's toys upstairs, as we did already have a living space that is free from toys and plastic I have allowed the dining room to become one big pit of toys and well junk. He is loving his bedroom though, hes enjoying having his own space to play and its been a great help in the mornings as hes so occupied it means I can get things done more easily.

The dining room still very much feels like a play room, there's open space for Olives walker and a huge unit full of toys which is emptied daily but it can be turned into a perfect dining area in just minutes. The new chair is perfect for us to sit and watch the little ones play, or the perfect snuggle corner for Oaks to watch a movie. It ticks all the boxes I needed it too, I was spending so much time in the previous room but hated how it looked, It was uninspiring and now I'm so happy to sit in their even when Oaks is being a wrecking ball and turning it upside down because it feels so welcoming.

As always thanks for reading this post, hope you've enjoyed seeing the transformation on Instagram and I'm so glad I can share it!