Time is precious- Tesco same day delivery.


I know so many of you will find this so hard to believe, I have never done an online food shop before. Nope NEVER! I'm one of those really annoying people that inspects her pink ladies for a good 12 minutes before I actually put them into my basket. As a mum of 2 now I thought it was time to give into my ways and try a system that will benefit me as a busy mum with minimum time. Plus anything to aid and support the food shopping experience with 2 little ones. Tesco have asked me to challenge myself, I'm going to see just how much I can get done at home with all the time saved. I'm hoping that seeing the benefits of my online food shop will convert me and I will use my 'minimum time' more wisely and use Tesco's same day delivery service in the future too.

On a normal food shop day I would try to get out of the house as early as possible, this would be after breakfast, when we are clean, dressed and the house has recovered from all the mass cooking. One word.. RUSH! Ive always thought it easier to be back before dinner, than to have 2 hungry children wailing in the trolley with grumbling tummies. Now that pressure to get out on time means that engaging with them over breakfast or letting them wake up slowly is being removed. So once the online order was submitted the first benefit for me was to have that relaxing atmosphere at breakfast, everything was slow, we ate, we talked (well some of us) and we did not rush! When I cleaned the kitchen after breakfast both Oaks and Olive played in their pajamas as there was no real reason to get dressed and I had a 2 minute tidy of the fridge to make sure there was plenty of room for our food that was on the way.

I would say that on a good day the average food shop for us, including driving time is around 60-90 minutes. So I decided to set a timer on my phone and purely dedicate half that time to playing with both Oakley and Olive and the other half to doing a job on my list that never gets done, that being the dreaded ironing! It was mostly a success but the mostly part is only down to the fact that my ironing pile is as tall as me but hey we made a small dent. Instantly feeling more productive and on top of things which for not even midday is a great victory in mum world!

I have always been told that getting the children involved in daily tasks and chores is a good idea to engage and entertain when things like food shops can be boring. Olive is far to young and although Oakley shows promise for the first 5 minutes, the second we hit isle 4 his attention span has reached full capacity and I do the mad super market sweep/swipe everything into the trolley style dash to ensure I don't loose him completely. Having booked my time slot for the delivery I explained to Oakley that a big lorry was coming (slight exaggeration but I knew he would interested) just before it was due to arrive, he was keen for it to come so we waited at the window for it to arrive. He was then more interested in helping me put it away which he has never been before, this was a lovely thing to do with him, so simple but so lovely.

Shopping away, more chores than normal completed and some quality time spent so I would say all in all its an experience that I would like to recreate. I know I will be preaching to the already converted with some of you but for anyone that like me that hadn't done an online food shop before, I would highly recommend Tesco same day delivery service, it was a brilliant way for me personally to ease the stress of day to day jobs. When I'm back to work in the new year it will be a god send, the late time slots will work perfectly and It will save me having to plan that supermarket trip in each week! Tesco are simply bringing the supermarket to you! If you are ready to give a Tesco home delivery a go then tap HERE!


This post has been sponsored by Tesco, but all images and thoughts are my own.

This post has been sponsored by Tesco, but all images and thoughts are my own.