IKEA Kitchen Hack


Last year I jumped on the Ikea Kitchen hype, in the run up to Christmas they were everywhere and I was so adamant that I needed to pimp one out for the ultimate gift for Oakley. We got the kitchen a few weeks before Christmas but well the pimping part that never happened due to the chaos of December, being heavily pregnant and lack of time with a demanding toddler. So here I am 11 months later trying to salvage last years idea but now the kitchen has been well used and moved into Oakley's room where it is frequently played with, so spending some time and money on it didn't feel such a burden. Now I'm into up-cycling, crafting and DIY as much as the next person but what I don't have as a mama is the time to do it, lack of time is what stopped me attempting this the first time.

So Modern Little People approached me about an amazingly simple and easy idea they were playing with, timing was perfect as I was just moving the kitchen upstairs and toying with the idea of giving it a makeover. They shared with me all the designs, patterns and colours I knew instantly the project was right up my street, it was exactly what I needed last year but I honestly had no idea such a kit existed. I chose a mint green with a triangle pattern in white and mustard yellow, the colours complimented Oakley's neutral bedroom, his tipi has some mint green touches so they worked well next to each other. There was some other cool designs too, definitely good variety to suit a variety of bedroom themes. (I will share some other designs and some cool accessories below.)

The kit provides 4 stickers, one for the door, 2 for the top compartments and then a big back sticker. The kitchen doesn't come with a back so something to consider is getting a back made out of MDF wood or even cardboard before you start. You can however stick the panel to the wall if you wish. The kit comes with a set of instructions, but other things you may want to have handy is something to clean it with, some kitchen roll or a towel to dry it off and then a credit card/any card to help with air pockets when sticking the vinyls onto the kitchen. 

It really is as simple as that, its easy to use and has given our kitchen a really modern feel with minimal effort on my part. The kit itself is just £16.00, use code 'OAKS20' to receive 20% off your kit. I have inserted the link HERE. I will insert the before and after pictures below.