From Yellow to Pink - Olives Nursery Tour

olives nursery tour

Saying hello to baby number number 2 also meant saying goodbye to my dressing room. Initially this made me uneasy, where the hell was I going to store all those future handbags, shoes and toiletries without Daniel noticing. Then on second thought I realised that room was not occupied as much as it used to be, having the time to pamper myself had slowly dissapeared after the arrival of Oakley. It didn’t take long for my Pinterest board to become full to the brim of ideas and I couldn’t wait to start our second nursery, by this I mean ‘screen shot and send my husband pictures of all my unrealistic goals’. Having already made the decision to keep babies gender a surprise we decided we loved the colour palette of white, grey and mustard yellow, adding either pink or blue subtly when baby arrived. Already knowing instagram stores online that had amazing animal themed nursery decor we wanted to add a fun but tasteful animal element to the room.

I had been lusting over Fiona Walker England products for quite some time and now was my chance to convince the husband it was money well spent. I managed to source them from Diddle Tinkers who went above and beyond to source the exact peices I desired. We chose an elephant and a lion along with the matching bunting, all colours were neutral and would work perfectly when we added colour. 

olives nursery

Slowly the room began to shape up, sourcing lots of items from instagram but trying to keep minimal as I knew once our yellow baby became pink or blue that I would want to make the room personal to them. The clothes storage area was created with an Ikea shelf and a rail in which my husband attached them togetherto create an exposed wardrobe. The downside to this nursery being the ‘box room’ meant no beautiful matching furniture set as there was not the room for it. Instead we found a cotbed at a reasonable price from Costco, it had a storage drawer underneath helping us in our lack of storage space dilemma. I decided to use the wooden box that hides the slope in the wall (from the strairs) as a changing space, to further utilise what the room already had on offer. 

nursery tour2.jpg
Changing mat, rug and pom pom mobile all from  Mamas and Papas.

Changing mat, rug and pom pom mobile all from Mamas and Papas.

From yellow to pink…

Now here comes the fun bit, ITS A GIRL. I always invinsioned myself as a boy mum, I had even started the boy wish list of things I was going purchase. Adding a girly touch was something I was not prepared for nor was I following many girl decor feeds so I was starting fresh. A Stone and Co garland was my first purchase, there custom design section on their site meant I could cooperate all my desired colours into the room perfectly. Another easy way to add colour was through small accents like cushions, bunting and framed prints. 

personalised cushion and wire name from little cloud

‘I love you to the moon’ personalised cushion and ‘Olive’ wire name are both from Little cloud kid and started what was soon to be my unexpected pink obsession. 

personalised prints for children's rooms
personalised prints
personalised prints - life with oaks and olive

Print wall. Left to right. 

Elephant birth announcement- Freddie the kid.                         
Floral name hoop- Granny chic.  
‘Be brave’ bear print and Lion print in picture below- Letter box lane.
Felt floral garland- Beautifully boho.                                                               
Floral birth information print- Magpies and turquoise.
Large letter print- Buttered toast designs.
‘Somethings tells me…’ hand painted print- Ginger hearts.         
Inkless hand and foot print set- Frizz and freckles.                                
Liberty print letter hoop- Mummy of India Rose design.

liberty print letter hoops
olives room tour
personalised details to olives room
Olives room tour
Bunting for olives room

All in the details… 

Elephant cotbed sheet- Tobias and the bear.                                      
Matching bunting and cushion- Button pearl crafts.                             
Cot bed name flag- Emma and Coco.                                                     
Toy storage bag- Frizz and freckles.                                               
Wooden birth announcement plaque- Fox and weave.                  
Pink and grey cellular blanket- Mama designs.

The rocking chair was a Facebook find, I had wanted a rocking chair to upcycle when we decorated Oakleys room but it just didn’t happen. This time I was determined to find one, it has been painted in ‘Rust oleum’ chalk paint which you can find at most DIY stores, but don’t forget to purchase the wax too. The cute bunnies gracing the chair are from Tkmaxx and are apart of their Easter arrangements, but work perfectly all year round in a girls nursery I feel. 

Organisation and storage. 

As I said earlier, box room sizing meant storage was limited. The easiest solution was to use small boxes on top of the changing space to organise things I know I would need to be able to access easily and often. So I found some white and pink woven boxes in Tiger which were easier on the eye as they were going to be on display, these worked perfectly to seprate sleepsuits, vests, nappies, accessories and muslin squares. 

from yellow to pink life with oaks and olive
olives outfits
olives wardrobe

Animal head door hooks- Marks and Spencer’s.                  
Personalised pink hooded towel- Dainty robes.                                         
Personalised vest- Made 4 keep sake.                                              
Liberty letter vest- Mummy of India Rose design.                           
All natural organic baby skincare- Trees, bees and marsh mellows.

Shelfie loving. 

Shelf styling was always something I loved to do in Oakleys room (and still do love) Changing it slightly each season or displaying new shoes pride of place, call me sad but I love a good shelf display. We added an Ikea cloud light ontop of the shelf for interest and it stopped it being lost on another wall as it was only small. The cloud lights attach to the wall and worked well for us as we had no surface space for a lamp. So here we go, Ive been saving the best for last… 

olives room tour - life with oaks and olive

Meet our amazing personalised unicorn head, because every girl needs a unicorn. It comes with a wall attachment so you can both have it free standing and on the wall if you wish. You can find them on Deer and bird. I enjoy small, it’s those tiny details that are important to me (husband calls it clutter) but I call it character, its those touches that make a house a home after all. Stone and co created a set of cute flower style Pom poms on sticks that look great in a vase, we cut ours down and popped them in a little jar with a This paper book flag. Nothing says shelfie like a pair of baby’s first moccasins, Oakleys first pair of mocs were from Me and hayari so I love that Olive gets that privilege too. (Backpack and beaker from Cath Kidsten) 

So I think I’ve about covered everything. I’ve truly loved putting together Olives room, just as I did Oakleys, creating a little space that’s warm and full of love for them to feel safe and at home. I hope they both make wonderful memories in their own little space and I have to thank the fabolous small businesses that have made it possible. 

Now go follow some links… Happy shopping.

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olives room tour
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frames in olives room
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