Long Time Coming

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For some time now (and by some time, I mean a whole 30 months plus) Ive been umming and ahhing about giving this blogging thing ago. I mean who in their right mind wants to read anything that I have to say? This of course was when my Instagram was full of selfies, nights out and what I was eating (again). My Instagram has been many things over the years, firstly a home and interiors feed soon followed by my wedding planning diary then next my weight loss battle. Basically, you name it and my insta has done it, making lots of virtual ‘friends’ along the way, some of which have stuck around for the long haul might I add. Instagram became my internet diary, my source of inspiration and a way to document all things important in my life. Or at-least they seemed important at the time. Nothing could prepare me for sharing my journey into motherhood, here opened this whole new world and I was soon engrossed in it all, and it was all ‘online’. Insta mums, mummy bloggers, vloggers and just other mums to be that like me were consumed by their soon to be ‘mama’ title, they were only at the click of a follow button away and I was hooked on becoming apart of this little community.

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Just as quickly as I found mums they began to find me too, my following began to grow naturally and I too became a platform for mums to just simply be together in motherhood, sharing every part of my journey along the way. Ive bared my soul to my little corner of the internet through highs and lows of motherhood. Ive made actual real life friends that I see and speak to daily. Ive been the seeker of advice and given advice. Ive cried along and Ive laughed along as Ive followed other peoples journeys into motherhood. We are all helping each other in so many ways, even if its just some light reading and entertainment during the night feeds, where to buy the best mum uniform from or ways to keep a toddler entertained for more than 90 seconds.

mum blog life with oaks and olive

Blogs have become my new OK magazine, sod your ‘Kim K in yet another nude selfie’ headline and pass me the ‘New mum in another public pooh explosion’ headline instead. So this is why your reading this, andI don’t mean because I want to write about newborn pooh (I will save that for another time) but because I want to help expand this space of ours, this space where we all come together in sharing the thing we all have in common. MOTHERHOOD. I’m not promising too much, there are some truly inspirational bloggers out there plus I’m not the best writer and I have a very normal family life, but for one reason or another you guys enjoy to follow it.

So here’s to my first blog post, lacking substance and full of grammatical errors but I plan to keep it pretty informal around here.

Until next time. 

Ainsley - life with oaks and olive