Oakley Turns 2

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So I can’t believe I’m sat here having spent the day celebrating my first born, he’s 2 tomorrow and I just can’t comprehend it. His party was manic, you could even say at times it was a little insane. Think around 25 toddlers, an create your own ice cream station, expanding foam, paint, sand… you name it Messy Play Derby provided it. I can’t recommend them enough, we had considered other party avenues, soft play hire or soft play centres or even a tea party at home but have you ever met Oaks? If you have you will understand and well if you haven’t you will still probably see where I’m coming from, he doesn’t have the nickname wrecking ball for nothing! 

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So here’s a little how messy play party’s tend to work, set up takes around 60 minutes and mess up takes 25 toddlers roughly 35 seconds. Messy play lasts around 45-60 minutes but believe me this is defiantly enough time to ensure you are head to toe covered in array of messy materials. The children go wild and are most defiantly ready for bath time once the team bring out little tubs with soapy water, so you can clean the paint from their heads and the sand out of there bottoms (that pesky stuff) It’s not your conventional children’s party, and it won’t be for everyone, there’s no pass the parcel or musical statues but this helps avoid crying children that are sore losers. Messy play enables children to just simply be children,  no boundaries no rules (expect stay on red mat, must of said that 100 times today) but Play is the highest form of research and messy play has so many benefits to a child’s development. Before I had Oakley the idea of letting him loose in the room we were in today would have been a nightmare, but the phrase ‘Let them be little’ is now a phrase indented into the way I parent. 

We went with a Dinosour theme as Oakley loves dinosaurs and ‘roars’ if he sees them anywhere, books, films and programmes. It’s something fimiliar for him as he has lots of them at home in his toy boxes so having them as the central theme of his party maked it personal for him. We had a cool pair of Dino leggings from Love Bee Baby, his tee was from Bob and Blossom the same brand he had last years tee from and his beautiful birthday crown was handmade by Katie Victoria Design  again another maker we used last birthday too. 

So keeping down the cost, we decided to make children their own lunches again instead of a huge buffet. Yes buffets are great (I’m a huge fan of a good spread) However, I’m not so much a fan of making them and clearing away the mess. We purchased individual ‘happy meal’ style boxes from eBay they seem to have plenty of designs to suit different themes and the excitement on the children’s face when they see their very own little lunch is just priceless, so much better than a soggy paper plate. Inside we included sandwiches, crisps, cheese, yoghurt, raisins and a drink. The perfect amount for little bellies and the boxes make it easy to pack it away and take it home if wanted. For the length of time the party lasted it wasn’t worth feeding the parents, instead we just made sure everyone got unlimited hot drinks. 

The sweet treats table is always a winner at a children’s party, we had a Dino theme cake made by a family friend along with 3 dozen cupcakes to make sure every child had cake. The cupcakes were an easy alternative to having to spend time slicing and wrapping cake, cupcakes meant the children could grab and go. Each cupcake had a little dinosaur figure to take away and the children got so excited being able to select which dinosour they wanted. The dinosaurs came from a seller on eBay who had 100s of figures they were getting rid of and we were lucky enough to win them, goes to show if you keep your eyes peeled you can snap up bargains and save penny’s.

Instead of goody bags, which cost a small fortune and only tend to include E numbers and bubbles, we decided to get creative and make our own bag of goodies. We made green chocolate dinosaurs with a mould we purchased from eBay with a hand full of chocolate raisins (dinosour pooh), in clear cone shape bags with personalised stickers. I always remember the small touches when I attend other party’s and I’m a sucker for Pinterest so that’s where a lot of my ideas are sourced. 

mummy blog, boys birthday party ideas, dinosaur party ideas, messy play parties
mummy blog, boys birthday party ideas, dinosaur party ideas, messy play parties

So there we have it ‘Oakleys Roarsom birthday party’ We have had a fab day, the planning and organising really was straight forward as we eliminated the more stressful elements. Let’s face it, we have enough on as parents to keep us busy without throwing in complicated birthday party’s. I hope this may have inspired you to get your Pinterest board together and get creative for your little ones. 

Now I’m off to get all emotional and scroll through old pictures of my baby boy, as in the morning he will be 2 years old. 

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