Desenio in our home.

We were recently luckily enough to have a little shopping spree over at, following our new Living room makeover we were in dire need of some Art work to grace the walls so it was a pleasure to select the posters we loved and I very excitedly awaited there arrival. We even ordered our frames through the site too, much more convenient than frame shopping, I'm hopeless with measurements so you could guarantee that I would of got all the sizes muddled up despite writing them all down (probably saving a domestic with the husband too). Each time I added a poster to my basket I was able to select a style frame to match in the size I required, no need to even search for it, it was right there. Another advantage to the site is just how much inspiration they provide, features such as 'Perfect Pair' where art work is teamed up with the perfect companion, visually the site makes it so easy to shop, the 'inspiration' page giving you real life customer photographs showcasing the art work and making it easier to imagine just how amazing they could appear in your home too.


Now lets get to our selection...

Living Room:

Having recently given our living space a brand new look we were so excited to make a statement with some extremely large frames filled with beauty, I loved the idea of tying in some colour to correlate with the new navy wall. We selected an abstract looking poster, lashing of navy paint in a cool pattern, It felt risky ordering something so out of my comfort zone but It defiantly paid off and sits so well with our bold feature wall. Something I knew I did want however was a framed quote, something light, positive and inspirational, that would make guests smile upon reading it. I found it, beautifully handwritten font, so carefully and delicately written.

‘Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and do not let people bring you down’

The scale of these frames add such a statement to our new room, we went with 24ich by 36inch (tad bigger than A1) along with 2 magnolia prints in 8inch by 12ich (around A4) White and Oak wood frames to compliment the posters and colour scheme of the room also. See for yourself.



My bedroom at the moment is probably my least favourite room in the house (minus the play room, but I think any room filled to the brim with colourful plastic crap will remain in the least favourite list) Since my dressing room became Olives room our bedroom has become so busy, We moved all the dressing room furniture into the bedroom and well it looked a little out of place. I wanted some posters around my dressing table to create a little area for me, a girly station for just me in those moments where I get only minutes to myself together. Something calming, simple and in keeping with the neautral tones already in the room, I used some frames I already had spare (From B&Q) I liked the colours, they worked well with the prints. 'Be Still' and 'Dream' posters were the perfect fit for our bedroom and bedroom accessories.


Oakleys Room:

When we decorated Oakleys room, before he was born, we did it in a way that would grown with him. So that when he was out growing a cotbed, or deciding what his favourite things were we could adjust his room to suite but with out the hassle of redecorating. His grey room now has accents of orange for our love of foxes and all his foxy decor. So we selected a few cool boys prints to make the ultimate shelfie. 'Born to be wild' was the perfect print for my wild one, and a little fox print in an almost postcard size was a lovely little touch too. Both work so well with the room.


Desenio has a massive amount of choice, your truly spoilt, the quality is great and the website makes for the most simple shopping experience. The frames were so easy to use when they arrived too, the back of the frame lifting off without having to prize at it and breaking a nail in the process. I will without a doubt be purchasing some more art work to adorn my walls. In the mean time please feel free to use code 'Ainsley25' this gives 25% off posters (except the 'handpicked' category) Code is valid between 9th of May until the 11th of May.