Adventuring with FatFace

You will often hear me banging on about adventures, which sometimes they are (getting two babies 2 and under out of the house is an adventure in itself) but the real truth is that simply leaving the house and inhaling the fresh air is my savior. Its saved me many a times from loosing my mind on those bad days, its for a few hours stopped me allowing all those daily pressures as a mum, wife and housekeeper to weigh me down more than they should. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I far too often allow small things to manifest into big gaping black holes that attempt to swallow me up, but the second the bags are packed, the double buggy is filled with two little bottoms and we have a destination in mind I feel as if I'm winning again. Who would of thought that a big empty field, feeding the greedy ducks or the smell of horse pooh could cheer me up the way it does, but it truly does.

Granted that the great British weather allows, you will mostly find us out and about exploring Derbyshire. We are lucky enough to have an amazing location minutes away (Elvaston Castle) and with very little planning and very little transport we can be there in no time and everyone can take a break and smile again. Its one of my favourite places to explore, I have happy memories as a child there and now I'm making memories with my children in the exact same spots. That in itself is special enough but what I really want to explain is the effect it has had on my mental state.

After Oakley was born I was in my element, I cherished every second and he was honestly a perfect text book baby (if there ever was one) I saw lots of other mums struggle to adjust to motherhood, a few calling me out as if I was lying when I said that I was actually enjoying every minute but I was. I felt anxious, not because of Oakley but because I began to feel as if perhaps those people were right, perhaps one day I would wake up and discover that infact this new job isn't as enjoyable as what I thought, maybe I would experience some post natal depression. That day never came. We spent so much of our time outdoors, he was a spring baby and our days together were filled with picnic blankets, soggy sausage rolls and adventures. Fast forward to the birth of Olive, she came unexpectedly 3 weeks early, it was cold, dark and utterly miserable, she spent her first month in and out of hospital, Daniel had to return to work in a matter of a few days post birth and I'm not sure that I was ever fully aware of the hit my mental state would take, it caught me off guard and If I'm completely honest I think I did suffer with a minor stint of PND. Heading outdoors with both my babies enabled me the opportunity of a clear mind, making memories and forgetting stresses, of course those stresses are still there but facing them on a better frame of mind was a huge help. Plus I now have hundreds if not thousands of pictures that I will treasure forever, capturing Oakley when he is engaging with nature has to be the best mental medicine there is for me.

So what would my perfect summer adventures involve; well we would head out as a family, it wouldn't matter if we had visited this location before because there would always be something we hadn't seen the last time. A new flower patch may have grown or there may be a tree that looked worth a climb. That is the beauty of the outdoors, there's so much to do and see with very little planning and preparation. We would take a small feast to help keep us energized then we would walk, run and play until our legs got tired. 

I recently did a little shopping over at FatFace, I haven't shopped there before but I was pleasantly surprised with how much beautiful items were available. I needed some little essentials for when I'm out and about adventuring with Oakley & Olive, although I am defiantly all for comfort and good quality now days Its nice to feel current and stylish too. I feel like I'm ready to take on whatever our summer adventures throw at me now, my feet are comfy and ready to bolt for the toddler heading towards the lake, my scarf doubles up as a blanket, my bag means that my phone/camera is safe but easily accessible for all those too good to forget moments and well my sunglasses will be firmly on my head but maybe just maybe we will have enough sunshine for me to need them.

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*This post has been sponsored by FatFace, but all images and words are my own.

*This post has been sponsored by FatFace, but all images and words are my own.