Celebrations in Cheltenham.

Daniel turned 30 last month, we celebrated with a party at home which was so much fun but I really wanted to give him the special celebration that he deserved. It's not easy getting away now days, what with maternity pay holding us back, organizing childcare for 2 children and someone to watch the dog too its sometimes more hassle than its worth so we often nip the idea in the bud before too long. This time I was determined for a weekend of adult conversation somewhere other than home, 4 years of marriage and Daniels birthday, now was the time!

Jumped on booking.com to find somewhere in the Cotswold, I wanted a fancyish room, good value with some character in a good location too. Not asking for much. The Cotswold Grange Hotel, it was perfect and I called of the search and went straight ahead and booked. Located in Cheltenham and in walking distance of the city center. Breakfast was included in the room price, we asked for an earlier check in time which was accepted at no extra cost and there was parking on site too. All adding to the ease of our time away. We opted for the room that was a little more expensive than the average, as I loved the free standing bath and four poster bed, and I wanted some wow factor for Daniels celebrations. When we entered our room the hotel had arranged some lovely sweet treats for us and a message in melted chocolate wishing us a Happy Wedding anniversary which was such a personal touch and much appriciated. 

After checking in and unpacking we made the walk into town, the weather was warm so we decided to just follow signs and see where we ended up. I am rubbish with directions and often get frustrated when trying to navigate, there was something so lovely about just going with the flow, Its so much easier to take risks without two children in tow. Didn't take long before we hit the city center, shops, bars and restaurants. There was so much shopping that could of been done, although I had to refrain (promised myself I wouldn't spend lots of time and money in shops) I was drawn to an area that had been highly recommended 'Montpellier' It didn't disappoint, so much to see and do. We walked through a little park whilst trying to find a restaurant to book for the evening, groups of people having fun, with pizza and prosecco (my kind of people) We visited No 131, All bar one, Vintage Pink to name a few, and raised a glass (or several to our celebration and to having some quality time together) It was lovely. We decided to book 'The Daffodil' for the evening, it was highly recommended and after locating it and rereading the menu again it seemed like the right thing to do. Then we carried on enjoying our day, in the sunshine, drink in hand and chatting like we never get the chance to do.


The Dafodil was amazing, the food was incredible. I had steak (cooked to perfection) Daniel had lobster, and it was all completely delicious, unfortunately I didn't take my camera out in the evening so you will just have to take my word for it. The restaurant was a cinema in the 1920's and was beautifully converted into an eatery, its art deco features were amazing and the staff were great. When we booked the table they asked if it was a special occasion of course we explained, but what we didn't expect was all the little touches. They made so much effort to ensure that we had a special night, free glasses of bubbly and a dessert plaque with a message on too. I could barely move after dessert so we headed to one bar before heading back to the hotel for a film and a comfy bed all to our selves. Rock and Roll.

The following day (after reluctantly checking out of The Cotswold Grange) We went over to Pitville Park, another place that had been recommended, we saw the crazy busy parks and instantly wished that Oakley was with us as he would of LOVED them. We went for a walk, watched a few tennis matches on the courts, spotted a mummy swan and her babies swimming up the lake and stopped to take photos in the mass of poppies that colorfully lit up the fields. The pictures do the park no justice as they were so high and full to the brim of wonderful shades of red, pinks and purples. It would of been a lovely place for a family funday, with lots for the children to do. We had brunch plans, we booked a table to go back to No 131 so we headed back into town for our last bit of indulgence before the 100 mile journey home. It was such a beautiful place to eat, the outdoor eating area on the front of the building was what we had in mind but the weather had different ideas so we ate right by a big open window in the restaurant instead. Daniel had pancakes and bacon, I had an Arnold Bennett omelette as they are my ultimate favourite breakfast/brunch. Before we got back on the road we decided to make a pit stop at Burford Garden Company, BIG mistake and not because it was a bad experience. It was incredible, the shopping, the cafe, the art gallery, the gardens. Oh my, it was right up my street and we could of spent hours and hundreds in the childrens shop. I would highly recommend a visit if you are in or around the Oxfordshire area, I will most defiantly be heading back there at some point, its well worth the 2 hour drive. 

All in all we had a fabulous trip, it was something that we both wanted and needed. We could of picked somewhere a little more obvious but It was so lovely to be in a city that wasn't swimming with people, It wasn't overly busy and impossible to get about like it tends to be when we visit London. I really enjoyed the down time, the relaxation of the hotel, the luxurious food when we dined out and all the lovely shops. I would recommend all the places Ive linked, and I would be happy to answer any questions I may not have covered in this post.

This post is not sponsored in anyway, the trip was a personal time and all places we visited were out of choice.