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So I cant speak for all but I found the antenatal classes that I attending during Oakleys pregnancy a total bore, I felt that it was very robotic and dated. I didn't particularly leave feeling inspired and ready to have a baby, I think some of that was down to feeling too embarrassed to speak up but also the impersonal experience I had been given. I know that if given the chance I may have opted for some private classes but I didn't even know where to begin. I spent the majority of my pregnancy smiling and nodding at the opinions and advice from others without actually knowing that I could have a say too. I could make informed choices but didn't have the knowledge too.

I have recently been introduced to The Daisy Foundation, a fantastic source for all mothers. You don't have to be expecting to really appreciate the information you can find on their site. Their 'Inform my Choice' section on the site is intended to give a balanced view of information from a variety of contributors and sources. We all know how challenging it can be to know you are making the right decisions for you and your baby – or even to know that there is a choice that is yours to make! They have began to pull together a variety of sources across topics from Pregnancy, Labour & Birth, Newborn and Babies & Toddlers in the hopes that they can help make it easier for you. The section will expand over time, but for now why not take time too explore the relevant stage for you. If you are expecting then there is some fantastic classes available to you, from communicating with the brand its clear that they are so passionate about helping expectant mothers in every way that they can.

There is so much more to the brand, some of which is explained below. All information from this point is taken from their site.


"Choice. Confidence. Community."

About The Daisy Foundation…

The Daisy Foundation

The Daisy Foundation offers you via our network of teachers a truly unique range of classes and workshops across our Daisy Birthing, Daisy Parent and Daisy Baby programs, which together support women, families and infants throughout the entire peri-natal period. We are committed to excellent education, unconditional support, informed choice, supportive communities and nurturing confidence – for our teachers, mums, families and children.

The Daisy Foundation began it’s life under the name Lazy Daisy when the first classes were developed and taught in Ipswich, England. Since then our programs have gone from strength to strength, being developed into the ground breaking Active Antenatal™ and Positive Touch & Movement classes they are today.

Antenatal classes are an excellent way of better preparing yourself for the birth of your baby as well as helping you to keep active and healthy during your pregnancy. They allow expectant parents to access different advice and information from trained professionals, as well as making friends with other parents to be. Classes are usually informal, and provide a positive and fun atmosphere for parents to ask questions, meet people and learn different techniques and methods that will ultimately make pregnancy and the arrival of the baby easier and less stressful.

What happens at Daisy
Antenatal Pregnancy Classes?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of confusion and many questions. Am I doing this right? Should I be doing more of this? What happens if? Antenatal classes are designed to answer all of your questions and queries, share with you all of the evidence to allow you to inform your choices, and to help parents relax and feel confident about bringing a baby into the world.

Our classes are designed to be as supportive and as helpful as possible in order to make the whole pregnancy process easier for you as parents. If you are reading this and you are local you can find classes in Derby, Burton, Belper, Alfreton, Heanor, Ripley, Ilkeston and Beeston. Alternatively you can find classes HERE.


  • Antenatal & Active Birth Education

  • Yoga Based Movement

  • Relaxation & Birth Hypnosis

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Making New Friends

The Daisy foundation also offer a blog feature on their website which is a fantastic chance to catch up on reading and discuss all things motherhood, with some really interesting subjects. The blog can be found

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You will be able to talk directly to the foundation at my 'Mama meet and Market' event at Makeney Hall, Belper on the 3rd of September.

*This post has been sponsored but all thoughts are my own and all sources of information have been linked where needed.

*This post has been sponsored but all thoughts are my own and all sources of information have been linked where needed.

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