Reaping the rewards with Tesco contactless clubcard.


Every now again I have one of those much needed purse clear outs, receipts galore, cards that have expired or scheme cards for stores that I haven't shopped in since 2008, you name it my purse has it. I think I'm one of those people at the till that cant say no when the cashier asks if I would like to become an 'exclusive' member of their special club, its easier to avoid the awkward decline and so I end up with lots of cards I have no use for. I was lethal recently and had a good clear out, it occurred to me that since becoming a mum I'm savvy in many ways. I always stock up on baby products when they are on offer, I save vouchers and discount codes from magazines and I most certainly collect my stamp at coffee shops so I can rightfully claim what is mine in that free beautiful (large) cup of caffeine.

 With a Tesco Express at my door step I'm guilty of several trips through out the week (You know for all those things Ive forgotten on the big food shop) We can be rewarded for that too, we can actually get something back for our spending and whats even better is that its been made so convenient now with the launch of Tesco's new contactless Clubcard and newly developed app. No messing around, a simple tap is all it takes and as a busy mum now I cant believe the difference this can make. We have started using our phone as we pay, because lets be honest our phones are something we don't leave the house without so the app is super accessible. Shopping with two little people in tow is much more enjoyable knowing I can collect my points with each spend and use them to treat us as a family, its so simple and helpful for a mum that's trying to be as sensible as she can with her limited maternity pay! (Yes, that's in reference to me.)

Being an active Tesco Clubcard member means the rewards are endless, days out, holidays, eating out, gifts, money off your shopping by collecting 1 point for every pound spent. You are even rewarded for your fuel (1 point every £2 spent) something I wasn't aware of before I checked the handy functions on my app.

For me rewards don't have to be big, simply helping me provide the family with a variety of picnic goodies can be all the treat I need. Those simple pleasures as a mum can mean the world, points saved means we can occasionally grab a free meal then saving me time, resources and money. There is nothing I love more than seeing the children eat good food, filling their bellies so they are fueled for fun, so we were recently rewarded at our store with everything we needed for the perfect picnic completely taking the stress out of our day outdoors. Planning days out can be stressful enough at times, I'm sure you can relate when it comes to getting out with children the less complicated the better and I commend Tesco for providing great food and now a service that rewards savvy mums like me that sometimes need a little help. Thank you for providing me with those simple pleasures!

As you can see from the pictures, a local and fun day was had by all, some in which is thanks to the contributions.

I'm going to be honest sometimes It feels like my spending on general necessities is so excessive, Its much less appealing when the items your having to spend on are demolished almost immediately and before you know it your fridge is bare! Or the petrol lights blinking again and you consider waiting for the petrol fairy (my husband in this case) too come and top it up for you. I feel like Tesco has my back as a mum in this sense, letting me know that although it can be hard there's always a way for us to receive as well as give.

Unlike any other reward scheme I have used before you can exchange your points for vouchers that contribute towards days out as a family. Cinema, safari or trips to the zoo, the amount of adventures that could be had was such a pleasant surprise. Well known restaurants that allow your vouchers to be used at an even higher value than they read, the way this can truly supports family's is amazing. As we approach Oakley's next birthday I'm conscious that soon he will be chargeable everywhere (he is chargeable now at a selection of attractions) the cost of family days out will only increase as the years go on and that's a daunting prospect when you have or want a big family. I'm excited that I will be able to use my new Tesco Clubcard to make memories with the children.

Do you have a Clubcard buried in your Mary Poppins style changing bag or purse somewhere? Pull it out, start actively using it. Download the new and reap the benefits like we are. You will be so surprised the offers and information you will read just by clicking here. Believe me and see it for yourself.

Do you have a Clubcard buried in your Mary Poppins style changing bag or purse somewhere? Pull it out, I challenge you to use it activly and reap the rewards. Download the new app and order your new contactless Clubcard, reap the benefits like we are. You will be so surprised the offers and information you will read just by clicking HERE. Believe me and see it for yourself.