Olives Birthday Gifts Haul


I had so many messages in the run up to Christmas regarding gifts, It had never occurred to me for even a minute that sharing what we had purchased for Oakley and Olive would be of interest. I felt like there was so much stigma attached to this Christmas in terms of presents and money, so many opinions about the amount you should or shouldn't be buying etc and I chose to keep our gifts for the children more private. This wasn't for any reason other than the fact I think everyone should have the kind of Christmas they want, its a special time of year that shouldn't be influenced by others.

Birthdays are a little different for me when buying gifts, its nice to get personal, sentimental I guess. Especially as a first birthday is a big deal, I wanted to get Olive just a couple of gifts that were keepsakes and more meaningful along side some other gifts. I love birthday gifts as they can be so thoughtful as you have the chance to focus on one person only. Buying Girl gifts was a little different and alien like to be honest, I had no idea where to start but I had been lusting over a few independent brands for a while that I wanted to shop but didn't have the girl to do so. 

We were lucky enough to have family and friends ask what we wanted so they could get Olive something special. We were spoilt and I'm so so grateful. Also I would say the majority of our family and friends know my likes and dislikes so opted for cool things from small brands that they knew I loved. (I'm very aware that this sounds much like they are my selection of gifts, ha! They are defiantly Olives but if theres ever a chance to heavily influence your little ones gifts its the first birthday ONLY.) Below pictures are post present unwrapping

  1. Wicker Pram- I LOVE this pram! Its from Scandiborn, whom I discovered on Instagram last year. Its a perfect blend of modern & vintage, Its easy on the eyes and I can just imagine Olive through the years pushing it around. The price is a little steep I feel, at £120 its definitely a gift that is more suitable for a special occasion. You can receive £10 off your order with code 'HELLOSCANDI' (When spending £120 or more) We went with the cream colour which I have linked here, but there is a selection of colours to choose from.

  2. Pink Dolls Cot- This was an absolute bargain from Adi of all places, we got it in the run up to Christmas as I find they always have some really good toys in Baby & Toddler events. This was around £20 and I cant find it online but I would recommend keeping your eyes peeled for there next event.

  3. Large Bunny- I have been lusting over these Maileg bunnies for quite some time, they do a great selection of boy bunnies too but I wasn't convinced about buying one for Oakley. This was the perfect excuse to get my hands on one, the other ranges they do are just beautiful! I bought this particular Bunny when visiting Marlborough from a shop called Radish Loves it was around £45-£50, I have linked a similar bunny here.

  4. Prints- These prints are from the colourful and wonderful Eleanor Bowmer, I must admit it was refreshing to see artwork that was this unique. The prints I have are currently on offer for just £12 each instead of £15, I have them in a3 size. There is also a great selection for boys too.

  5. Ceramic Money Box- This beautifully illustrated money box is from Mamas and Papas, it was just £15 but its so stunningly made. Its a woodland theme and I would defiantly say its a unisex gift.

  6. Princess & the Pea box- This is another Maileg piece and I LOVE it! I love the fairy tale story behind it and I cant wait to read Olive the story of the princess and the pea one day. I also got this from Radish Loves in Marlborough but I will link the exact same one at £39.95 here.

  7. Book Collection- Little people, Big dreams are what this collection of books are called. I am obsessed with the concept behind the books. They are an empowering series about women who have made an impact in some way, scientists to designers these women's stories are celebrated with gorgeous illustrations and simple story telling. I am so passionate about Olive being educated about the women of the world that have paved the way for her, my plan is to keep them on her shelf until shes old enough to understand them. The books are around £10 each, they can be found on lots of Instagram stores such as The Nursery Edit or they are also at larger stores like Waterstones.

  8. Dinosaur- This was a gift from Olives grandma, great minds and all that jazz, its only another Maileg beauty! I love how simple it is, it came in a card dinosaur egg which opens up to reveal a dusty pink linen dinosaur. Who says girls cant like Dinos?! I have linked the original Maileg site here so you can see the new Spring/Summer collection.

  9. Soft Fabric Letter Blocks- These handmade blocks are a gift from Olives aunty and uncle, Oakley has them too and both sets are so personal with information across the back such as name, weight, place of birth etc. The page they are from is called Letter Blocks and I think you can place an order through the facebook page.

Thank you for reading this post, this post is not sponsored in anyway. Its simply been put together on request, I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we purchased for Olives first birthday. As always any questions feel free to pop a comment below.