Basic Skincare & Make-up Products


I have used the word basic because that is indeed what this post is, basic. I have no real knowledge around beauty, I just know what works for me and that has taken quite some time. The reason I have never done a post like this before Is that everyone has different skin and I didn't want to influence people into the wrong products but this post has probably been one of the most demanded.

I have been so lucky to have never suffered with bad skin, I would say if my skin fell into a category it would be 'normal' ... I remember at school a girl yelled at me that she hoped I got adult acne when I got older. That has stuck with me. My friends would always use different products and I was kind of jealous that I didn't need all that cool Tea Tree stuff which made them seem so grown up and trendy. ha!

In the lead up to my wedding I read so many bridal magazines and there was a check list in this particular one which I started using and I would tick things off all the time. 8 weeks before the wedding my next tick on the list was 'Skincare routine' well I didn't have one so I couldn't tick it off which bothered me, so I decided to create one. Bad move, messing around with new products made my skin worse than it ever has been and on my wedding day I actually had spots, the irony! So following that I waited to find products I loved and when I found them I stuck to them and here I am. I know I have found products that work for me.


Lush 'Fresh Farmacy' soap.

This soap is something that I absolutely can not get enough of, I have used this soap for years and It has been such an amazing product for me. I use it once or twice a day, I also use it to remove my make up as its gentle on the eyes and saved me using anything else to remove it. I always found wipes to dry out my skin. The soap is usually weighed out and a minimum of 100g is around £7-£8 but that lasts around 6-8 weeks, I often ask the staff to then cut the soap in half again so its travel size for holidays etc.

Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Julips. 

I love wearing red lipstick but having even a little dry lip makes it difficult to do so. I started using this scrub as often as possible and it makes my lips so smooth. Its a sugar buffer which means that I can literally lick it straight off without washing it.

Elizabeth Arden - 8 hour Day & Night Cream and Protective Balm.

I put an Instagram story up in the late stages of Pregnancy with Olive about dryness of skin and very sore lips and as the recommendations came flooding in the vast majority were telling me to try Elizabeth Arden so I did and I loved it!

Elizabeth Arden - Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser.

I tend to use this a few times a week, I like to exfoliate but I your face does not need it every day or every other day for that matter. This product is pretty gentle, the grains aren't to sharp on your skin and It is perfect for if your having a dry spell. 

Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Lip Duo, Lip Scrub & Balm.

This Duo is so handy, the 8 hour lip balm is an absolute savior, its really thick and extremely moisturizing, pair that with the scrub too and you have the softest lips ever. I would say the Lush scrub is slightly coarser which helps with really dry lips but this would work for general use.

Nivea Soft for Hands, Face & Body.

This is so underrated, before I started using Elizabeth Arden I ALWAYS used this, everyday! Even know if I have ever ran out of the more expensive stuff or if I want to pop a moisturizer in my bag I will pop this in there. I think its served me right for probably 5-6 years now. 

Everyday Make-up


Foundation- Benefit, Hello Flawless.

I love this foundation because its light, I don't like using heavy foundation and I find that if I use anything thicker my freckles disappear. I am lucky enough to not need a heavy coverage and I think this foundation sits really naturally on my skin.

Concealer-  Mac, Pro Long Wear & Benefit, Boiing.

I love both these concealers, when you have mum bags under the eyes its vital you find a good concealer. These are both very different but equally as good. I use the boiing concealer most days as its quick and easy, I can use my finger to dab a little under the eyes even when not wearing foundation. The Pro Long Wear works incredibly, its pretty heavy and the coverage is amazing. You do need to wear foundation with it though as it looks so prominent without foundation blending it into the rest of your face.

Powder/Bronzer- Benefit, Hoola Light & Mac, Give Me Sun.

I use Hoola light to cover my whole face post foundation application, I only apply a light layer but it just gives me a little colour. I know this product isn't actually a powder its classed as a bronzer I believe but even for me with lots of darker freckles Its not dark enough to act as a bronzer. The Bronzer I use all year round is Mac (Give Me Sun) again I only use a light layer but I apply more heavily in the summer when I am sun kissed.

Highlight- Mac, Soft & Gentle.

Starting to use a powder highlighter was such a good move, for so long (before all the crazy contour craze came about) I used a liquid highlighter and looking back it didn't look all that natural. I apply a little of this to my cheekbones, on my eyebrow bone and a tiny bit down the center of my nose.

Blush- Smash Box.

Unfortunately my blush is so old that I can no longer see the shade, Its the shade that was used for my bridal make up and I loved it so I starting using it everyday. Sorry this is not of any help to you.


Liner- Maybelline Magic Ink (Liquid Liner)

I only use a liquid eyeliner because I love a really thin line across my eye lid, this one I found after asking you guys for recommendations after my usual liner was discontinued. I was so skeptical about using any eyeliner that was so cheap but its AMAZING precision on those flicks, which is hard to find.

Shadow Palette- Benefit, Big Beautiful Eyes

The colours in this pallet are just beautiful, shimmery and natural. It also comes with a small section of the Boiing concealer that I've mentioned above. It has 3 shades, brushes and comes with great instructions on how to apply to maximize your eyes. Its defiantly a shadow pallet that can take you from day to night, I find that I like browns over blacks when it comes to evening makeup so that's why I love this so much, its so versatile.

Mascara- Benefit, Roller Lash

I cant say I have a great deal of experience when it comes to mascara because I have always found Benefit mascara really impressive, its always moving on and getting bigger & better! They have just released a new one too that Ive heard amazing things about!

Mac- Retro Matt Lipstick (Burnt Spice)

The retro matt lipsticks look more like gloss but then they dry super matt, I like a matt look but I know its not for everyone. If we talk durability then this lipstick is the one, I can apply in the morning and after breakfast and dinner Its still in touch. I like how with the brush I can really create a neat line around my lip and get into the corners of my mouth without getting my skin.