Olives 1st Birthday Party Details


So shes ONE, a whole year old and we celebrated the only way we know how... food, cake, alcohol and one hell of a busy gathering with the ones we love! Probably in that order! I knew the theme was going to be geared around the time of year, so close to Christmas that it didn't make sense for pastels or anything too girly. I wanted a magical woodland style theme, fairy lights, reds and rose gold with a rustic feel and lots of greenery. I had started a Pinterest board, which was bursting with ideas but having the party at home meant that I could only achieve so much realistically without going overboard.

We had a beautiful spread that was suitable for adults and children, a 2 tier cake so we could celebrate on both party day & official birthday, I didn't hire any soft play for the children, there was no party bags or party games. It was simply a chance for family & friends to celebrate Olives year, I think although Oakley's first birthday was an amazing day it was at an easier time of year and I had said a few months prior to Olives birthday that we just couldn't try an organise something on that scale again. Olive will look back and see the same photos of her with family singing Happy Birthday just as we did with her older brother at home or not. I was thrilled with how the theme came together, I will share lots of details below about where things were from or how they were made including links to make it easier for you to take a look for yourself.

The festive period is all about the food but I must admit by the time New Year comes around I am tired of eating rubbish. There's only so many Christmas buffets I can take, I wanted to provide party guests (and mostly myself HA) with something fresh, healthy and a nice change from all the beige party food. Say Hello to Graze Derbyshire, you may have met them at my last Mama meet & Market event and well frankly what they do is amazing! They create boxes, platters, boards heaving with the most delicious food that is perfect for easy eating. They cater events of any size and the work they have showcased on Instagram practically had me dribbling, I had seen some cool Pinterest images that resembled the images on their feed and knew they could really cement my rustic theme.

Katie is a mum of 2 herself so when I suggested that the table be suitable for both adults and children to save me having to provide 2 lots of food she knew exactly what I needed. There was a selection of fruity kebabs, marshmallows, pretzels, bread sticks and sweet wafers which went down a storm. The adults cleared the rest of the table in what I can only describe as record time and I had to head to the fridge for extras, it was a show stopper of a display and a real conversation starter. I cant wait to have them cater another event in the future.

Following on from the food is the sweet treats, its such a simple idea but we towered a tray of doughnuts on a cake stand and used a party hat as decoration. It wasn't planned as such but its something I would defiantly do again because it looked so cool as an add on to the cake. CAKE.. did someone say cake?!? 

I had no other but Emma of Hello Cake create me another incredible master piece of a cake. 2 tiers of deliciousness, white chocolate and berries is always a favourite of mine as its a subtle twist from the classic Victoria sponge and I love the fresh raspberries in the sponge. Emma is greatly creative, so when I give her a brief she always meets it. I was thrilled with the final look and it suited my theme and accessories beautifully. I also a while back picked up some cute brown paper bags from Ikea for guests to take cake home in, they were handy for guests in a rush. The cake stand was from Tiger back in 2015, They tend to keep a nice selection of cake stands all year round though.

Number sparkler is from Meri Meri Party

Cake topper - Sophia Vitoria Joy

Party Animals- Bow Beaus

Lots of the hoops you see on display were made my me (explained in depth a little later in this blog post) The double hoop with flowers and personalised with Olives name is from Instagram page The Little Bee Hive, the hoops came as separate but I hung them one inside another and I love the way that looks. I pulled out my trusty peg letter board from Florence & Bow which I love because it literally fits into any theme or occasion and popped onto the table it was a nice addition.

I tried to rearrange the room as best as I could to allow a toy station for the little party guests, with a soft floor, ball pit and tipi as well as all the new Christmas toys so there was plenty to play with. I styled the tipi with a lantern and pom pom pack I picked up in Hobby Craft (linked here) I originally bought it for general decoration but the room began to look busy. I also purchased the huge white balloons (linked here) and the rose gold number balloon (linked here) both from Hobby Craft.

For each monthly milestone I have been taking pictures using fresh flowers, originally this was just an idea I wanted to do each month to mark Olive growing and be able to share the changes on Instagram. Towards the end of the milestones I thought it would make an amazing display at her party and I used pinterest to find a unique way to display them. I had been seeing so many amazing decorated hoops on pinterest which I wanted to incorporate anyway, I envisioned the wall behind the food to have lots of hoops in a little hanging arrangement. So when I saw an idea on pinterest that was a DIY hula hoop photo frame I thought I would give it a go. Luckily I have an amazingly creative set of in laws that helped me create it. We used a length of plumbing tube in the end instead of a hula hoop the tubing is fexible and can be cut down to size, you can find it at all good DIY shops. We connected it together and then covered it in brown string, you could use ribbon to save time but I liked the brown sting as it looked more rustic. We then used two sets of Twinkler peg lights which were from Instagram shop @perfectlylovelyjen, Jens site it full of all things interior and its utterly beautiful. I have linked the LED sparkly peg lights here, there are so many cute display ideas you could do with them after you use them for the hoop. I attached the lights with a little glue from a glue gun, you can then just peel the lights off afterwards for further use. To finish it off I added eucalyptus which I had saved from a few bunches of flowers the week before, I attached it with the glue gun again. The smaller hoops were the same idea, eucalyptus attached with the glue gun just building a double layer of greenery so smaller leaves sat on top of bigger ones. It was so so easy and so so effective. The hoops can be found at Hobby Craft, Ebay, Sainsburys etc

We kick started Olives birthday celebrations a couple of day before with a photo shoot by the wonderful Jacquelyn of @jacquelynshieffphotography. Having had a cake smash shoot for Oakleys birthday we felt it was only right to do the same for Olive girl, it was so lovely to get some nice images of Olive because although I have taken plenty myself it was nice to have some official ones to go alongside Oakleys, I cant wait to show the images to them when they are older. Olive was grumpy as hell on shoot day due to teething but Jacquelyn has the patience of a saint as she has 2 little ones too so completely knows all the tricks to get some nice images. I am super duper happy with the collection of images I have received, I loved that along side the cake smash we were able to get some different set ups too. (Images below)

Number tee, crown and wand are all from Bow Beaus, the navy bloomers and pink velvet bow are from Mother of Pearl and her floral bloomers are from Rose & Guy. We picked up the rose ombre cake from Sainsburys for just £11, it was so perfect for the shoot and really good value (sadly we didn't get to taste it)

Thank you for taking the time to look through this post, I hope you have enjoyed seeing how we celebrated a few weeks ago and its left you feeling inspired for your next party. I'm still in denial about now having 2 little ones that are no longer babies. Soon it will be walking and talking, as much as I love watching them grow I am so glad I have this little corner of the internet to remind me of earlier days. 

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