5 benefits when shopping with Tesco Baby Event (SPON)


I'm not sure about you but January is the month of struggle for us each year, Christmas has pretty much wiped out any savings we had and a with a self employed husband our Christmas break comes at a cost or should I say no cost. 12 days off means 12 days unpaid leaving us in a pickle, of course Daniel could have minimal time of but what kind of Christmas would that be?! Finding ways to be savvy in January is something we have to be serious about now having become parents, 4 years ago we could of lived on beans & toast for the month and limited our weekends out with friends but now there are far too many essentials we cant get through parenting life without and 2 more bellies to fill.

Tesco baby event is always so handy this time of year (handy all year round to be honest) this January it will be running in stores from Thursday the 11th until Monday the 29th, in this time their will also be offers online too so you can reap the benefits without even stepping foot into the supermarket. Top brands such as Pampers, Aveeno, Huggies and Tommie Tippee just to name a few will all be discounted. Tesco online have an amazingly easy to navigate page dedicated to the baby event, you can even source useful advice surrounding pregnancy care, looking after your new baby or tips for toddlers. The event has so many benefits for both parents and expectant parents, so below I have correlated below 5 money saving opportunities.

1. Stocking up on your favourite/everyday products.

We all have those products we know and love, when I find something that works for me as a mum I keep going back for more. The baby event is such a great time for stocking up and filling the cupboards, saving money on those products we just cant be without. Things such as nappies, wipes, bubble bath and their favourite snacks, during the baby event these are the type of products I will be buying in bulk because its scary how much of that stuff we can get through in just a week.

2. Buying the BIG things.

What I love so much about this event is the chance it gives parents to save on those really big and important buys, furniture, car seats, pushchairs and so much more. The endless list of baby buys when your an expectant parent is well... overwhelming! Its also a lot of money to spend in just 9 short months, the discounts available could help save huge amounts of money. Then just when you think you have all you need your baby turns into a toddler over night and its time to buy more again, the problem with this is that it always when your not prepared for it. Tesco baby event gives parents the chance to be prepared for those constant milestones.

3. Being prepared for the future.

The amazing variety that's available at the Tesco baby event gives you the chance to be ready for that next stage in your little ones life, they grow so fast which means eventually we need to make changes in the simple items we need. It could be as simple as getting organised for the next size up in nappies, getting clothing ready for the next weather season or thinking about products for your future crawler/climber with stair gates and socket covers. There is so much opportunity to really think ahead for the year and save money in the process.

4. Trying something new.

Sometimes its nice to do new, although I will admit I'm not a massive fan of doing this for the fear of wasting money. Its a bit of a habit of mine, I tend to buy the same things over and over but with the discount this event brings its a great time to try something different. For example the children's snacks, I'm going to use the discounts as a chance to try them with new healthy snacks and breakfast cereals. If your weaning its an opportunity to sample lots of brands and flavours without the fear of waste.

5. Stress free month for all.

The best benefit of all is a stress free month! What a great start to the year, a chance to feel organised, save money in the process with no late night dashes to the supermarket to buy supplies... I would say that's a winning situation right there.

You can view all the offers and discounts here.

* This blog post is sponsored by Tesco, but all thoughts and images are as always my own.

* This blog post is sponsored by Tesco, but all thoughts and images are as always my own.