I am no longer a member of the Greasy Hair Club

I have very fine and greasy hair, its always been this way and after years & years of washing day in day out I asked you guys for help. Hair care for dry hair is very accessable but I could never find anything for hair on the opposite end of the spectrum. I wanted a shampoo and conditioner for greasy hair and a decent dry shampoo as my hair did not get on with the well known ones. As always your lovely and very helpful recommendations came flooding in and it was soon obvious that the most sensible thing to do was to ‘re-train’ my hair. So many of you suggested this technique, the verdict was that it was the only way to stop hair getting greasy in the long run.

So what does ‘re-training’ mean? It means that you give your hair a long break from washing it in the hope that those good hair oils can be restored. By washing your hair everyday you are washing away those oils and your scalp then goes into over drive to produce those oils that you are washing away. Yes, its a vicious cycle! The more you wash the greasier your hair gets, so unfair. So I decided, rather than go on an impossible search for a cure, that I would just start again and undo all the production over load my scalp was doing and get the natural oils balance back as it should be.

So here I am 5-6 weeks after I started re-training my hair, in that time I have probably washed it less than a dozen times! Which for someone who washed their hair hair daily is a bloody miracle if you ask me. Below is everything I have done/doing to maintain my less greasy hair.


So first things first, I washed my hair and I did it on a Wednesday evening as I knew I didn’t then have work for 5 days. Meaning worse case scenario I could hibernate if I ended up looking like a filthy mess. I wanted to go a week without washing if I could as that is what so many people suggested but I managed 5-6 days, and by no means did it work immediately and yes I did look a little horrendous for those final few days but it was nothing some dry shampoo and a headband couldn’t fix.

I switched my Shampoo from a bottled Shampoo to a Shampoo bar from Lush after it was one of the most recommended products, I was skeptical as to how well washed my hair would feel but it took me by surprise as I loved it! It lathered up so well, it covered all my hair easily and my hair felt very clean. for good measure I have been washing and rinsing twice at each wash, as it shouldn’t make a difference if your leaving longer gaps between washes anyway. I went with JUMPING JUNIPER, I believe they are around £7.50 which is reasonable as It will last months rather than weeks. I checked the ingredients against some of the other bars and this one seemed to have citrus contents which I had also read was handy for greasy hair.

If Shampoo bars are not your jam then choose a shampoo that’s clear versus a milky consistency shampoo. I have read that clear shampoos tend to be lighter and won’t weigh your hair down as much. You can also use a clarifying shampoo, but I am not sure how well they work on coloured hair as I think they could over time strip your colour.

For conditioner I have been using Pantene Pro V MICELLAR, this was also highly recommended and was one of the top products mentioned in relation to greasy hair and so far so good. Its not a heavy conditioner, its not oily and its smoothing my ends out each wash which is what I need it to do.

Tips for conditioning: Imagine your hair in a ponytail and ONLY condition the pony tail and nothing above. Massage the conditioner into the pony tail and wash off after no longer than a minute.

Then if possible leave a good 4-5 days minimum before repeating this process, in the mean time you could use dry shampoo to combat the oil and fake it till you make it. Dry shampoo and me never really got on that well but I have found that spray on ones are not suitable for my fine hair, they make me feel dirtier than I felt before and the build up just defeats the object as by the end of the day my hair feels greasier than it did before. However I decided to try the NO DROUGHT from Lush, its in a bottle rather than a can and you can pour as much or as little into your hands. Transfer from one hand to another until both hands are coated in a light layer, then tilt your hair over the back of your head, spread your fingers like a wide tooth comb and lightly rub in. There is no weird grey tone to your hair, and even on my very dark roots it looks absolutely fine.

Its only a few days and if you can fight the urge to wash then you could honestly end up with what feels like brand new hair after a few weeks. It has most defiantly worked for me.

Other tips are: Only brush your hair twice a day, touch it as sparingly as possible, and don’t overuse styling products. Loads of hair spray and creams cause buildup on the scalp, which then leads to excess grease, so it’s best to skip these if you can. 

Before I started this process I was washing my hair a minimum of 3-4 times a week, now I am washing only every 3-4 days. Its easier as my mornings don’t have to start as early and even on day 2 or 3 I am able to wear my hair down which is something I would never have been able to do without it being freshly washed. On those days it needs to go up, I have been wearing things like headbands or hair ties too to distract myself from the grease, I have linked the amazing leopard print hair tie from Coco & Indie HERE.

Hope these little hints and tips help, I know just how annoying it is having to constantly worry about how greasy your hair looks, but if you can re-train as I have and then maintain with just washes every 3 days minimum I promise you will see big changes. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you give any of the above ago. Good luck!

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