Bedroom Makeover


Our super quick bedroom makeover...

Safe to say we are on a roll when it comes to injecting colour into our home, first Navy then Charcoal and now GREEN. Yes, Green. Who would of thought? I have been lusting after the whole 'Tropical' feel for quite some time, as always Insta/Pinterest get the better of me and I start to ponder and plan (Once I have convinced Daniel that is) a not so subtle change in the only room which is actual ours. It was about time we had an adult room that wasn't all designed with practicality in mind, nor will it be the home to any plastic tack so I could really get my one and only opportunity to have what I really wanted.

So here is the mood board...

Think we may be on the same page now you've seen the mood board, I'm a sucker for a mood board when planning things but I think its nice to see a vision come to life in a more visual way (other than the one in my head). Plus when you see it more tangible you may change your mind or perhaps love it more than you thought you would. When I saw all of this come together I was certain that I wanted to go ahead with my original plans for a Green and Gold bedroom and Daniel had some ideas for a desk/dressing space as well as a bed so I was happy that he was finally excited about my sudden need to decorate the bedroom.

The room before this was very bland, although I know there is nothing sad about a 'White & Grey' bedroom as If it was given the TLC it needed then I could very much have made it beautiful  but It felt outdated and just not very 'us' anymore. I keep saying this but its as if the children have made me a more colourful person and I love that I can express that with the interior in our home.

The first purchase I made was an amazing statement chair from TkMaxx, it was probably the most expensive thing in the room. I am always on a tight budget when it comes to decorating because although it would be lovely to splash out we simply can not justify it when we have other priorities. For what it actually is the chair was reasonable at £169, then we pretty much planned the whole room around it as we loved it that much! (I say 'We' thats mostly me!)

Paint was from B&Qs Valspar range and it was shade 'Forrest Sympthony' its an identical match and although we didn't take the chair into a store, you can do if you wish to ensure you get the ultimate colour match! Genius! Painting the wall only half way up was something I had seen on Pinterest and thought was a nice way of injecting the colour but without it overwhelming a room. I also saw that my fave Insta mama Anna of Blossoming Birds also has that same feature in her bedroom (absolute #housegoals) and it looked so amazing that it cemented my vision even more. I love how it turned out, just enough of the Green spread through out the room, without having to create a statement wall or have the room feeling too dark. The perfect balance!

After I uploaded the reveal of the desk on Instagram, I was getting so many questions about how Daniel does it. Hes a joiner by trade so he can built almost anything I demand! ha. I had seen a desk (in the mood board) that I wanted to recreate but with a twist. I just fell in love with the way that it had no legs and just levitated, it looked so clean and modern. I knew that with a wooden top and some gold frame it would fit right in with the look I wanted to create. Daniel created the top, his dad created the frame out of metal piping and I spray painted it with a metallic spray paint. The wood work on both the Bed & Desk took, A LOT of sanding, priming and repeating, in fact we would like to repeat the whole process a few more times at some point to really make a professional finish. 

I also used the spray paint to refresh a few frames I already had too, saved me buying more and it just spread the metallics through out the room better! Lots of the prints you can see in the pictures below are from Nina Thomas Studio, she has an amazing collection already but was so willing to create some bespoke prints for me so I would highly recommend.

Daniel was also able to wire a light on both sides of the bed, with a double socket too for our phone chargers etc. The bulbs are hanging on a longer wire, looks industrial and cool but its been so practical at night as its dim and then we don't have to get out of bed to turn the light off which is a bonus. He also added 2 shelves on either side of the bed, which have also been super handy.

So lets talk accessories...

I was absolutely certain that I needed a really unique mirror to hang above my desk and I had seen a VERY out of my budget mirror for around £250, I then was given the heads up that Wayfair had a replica for a fraction of the price. I was luckly enough to snap it up at £86 instead of its normal retail price of £125. Still amazing at half of the price of the original! I will add a link HERE.

I defiantly opted for lots of gold accents in the room, I always find that metallics can always add a more luxurious feel. I wanted some some Aztec print and then some plants for that 'Tropical' theme I mentioned earlier and I think on the whole it all surprisingly came together. So I will list all the bits and bobs that have really finished the room off and add links when and where I can.





Thank you for taking the time to have a look at this post, I really do enjoy putting together these interior posts (although I'm running out of rooms to decorate.) We still have some finishing touches to get done in this room but I am so pleased with how it looks. As always any questions hit me up.