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You may have noticed that a few months back I attended an event in London that was in collaboration with Johnson's baby, I didn't speak all that openly about it because it was a partnership that I wanted to be confident in before announcing. Living your life openly and publicly online can have some cons and honestly before the event I wasn't all that convinced that I was ready for the opinion of others to be thrown at me with the little knowledge I had about the brand and their products. I feel SO differently now. The day was incredible, learning from the scientists behind the ingredients and listening to professionals behind the brands team. The thing is last year they had some bad press, its ok to discuss this, in fact it was the main topic of all the bloggers questions and believe me all paths were walked in finding out for you what was behind those accusations.

I have worked with Johnson's twice before, I accepted those collaborations as the product was used in our home and had been used since Oakley was a newborn so it made perfect sense to me. It wasn't until I began to be met with worried and concerned parents who had read a mixture of statements online that I realised there was much more to this. I made the decision to terminate my collaboration, this wasn't because I agreed with the concerns but simply because I couldn't be confident in the product without doing my own research. Now let me tell you, doing your own research is virtually impossible when you are being pulled from pillar to post, so many miss informed people out there trying to influence your views. This right here is the chance for not only you guys but for myself to learn the information that I need in order to restore my trust in them, speaking first hand to the people behind the brand is surely as close to the truth as you can get right?

My work with them throughout this year will be honest and above all real, if you are reading this I feel its because you trust me and I would never jeopardise that because this is not about selling you a product. Its far far more than that, its about addressing doubts we have all had, its about educating myself and you guys about the brand and what they stand for. Its about me passing on knowledge that I have been so keen to learn. Johnson's baby were the first products I ever used on Oakley, as a brand new mum I trusted Johnson's to be the biggest and most trustworthy baby brand around, I have continued to use Johnson's baby products for 3 years now! Last year I saw so much stigma and negativity surrounding the brand which led me to feel slightly disappointed. One of the main reasons I have accepted this partnership (and believe me there was a hell of a lot of back and fourth) was that I knew others would have felt that same disappointment, I aim to help you get that trust back again. I hope you can support me in this by following our journey and learning with me as I spend this year working with them.

Before we talk all things Product lets talk about the brand, Johnson's were the first to study how children's skin develops from birth. They understand that in order to create the correct product for families that they need to know EVERYTHING there is to know about babies skin, understanding the special needs of a baby's Skin allows Johnson's to provide the special care for a baby's healthy growth. They have helped to advance 90% of publications & peer-reviewed scientific literature on the understanding of baby's skin, which means that many of the children’s products you see on shelves were probably created using the literature that Johnson’s wrote. Of course all of this has been applied to their products too as they have developed, one thing you have to keep an open mind to is 'development'! Such a key word!! Just because 30/40 years ago Johnson's may of sampled certain ingredients this does not mean that they still do. We are learning new things each and everyday, we are also learning from our mistakes each and every day too and the same applies here. We all want the best for our children, I know thats why people are so passionate about finding a brand with the same ethos. I can from first hand experience tell you that everyone I spoke too back in February that work for the brand have that same ethos, they only want the best for our children's health.

Johnsons know that a baby's world is very different...

A babies Eyes Continue to Develop & Mature Over the First Year of Life. Newborns blink 6x less than Adults did you know that? When Johnson's say 'No More Tears' they mean it, they developed their products based on blink reflex.  They test their products on up to 200 adults to asses how real customers use the products. Each ingredient is thoroughly evaluated to be safe and when testing products for eye irritation, the products are compared to water and if there is any difference in irritation at all then the whole process of formulation starts again.

A babies skin is 30% thinner than an adults. Johnson's have discovered all the factors that make a babies skin so unique. Babies skin has less natural moisturising factors, where as we would hold water on our skin for much longer a baby has a faster rate of water loss so Johnson's aim to create products that effectively protect the skin barrier, moisturising babies skin is so fundamental in the protection.

Babies need products designed for their unique needs - safe, mild and non-irritating. Johnson's products are all of those things, despite the information you may have seen floating around the products do not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, in a gas form. When Formaldehyde's in a liquid form, it's not the same type of chemical, so you can see where the confusion may lie. Gas and liquid are two very different things yet to an untrained eye (like me) once that chemical term has been mentioned I would instantly feel anxious. The scientists we met a few months back confirmed that liquid Formaldehyde is not harmful, but it is NOT in their products. Other accusations that have been made include Parabens, you will be glad to know there are no parabens in Johnson's products NOW, but there has been some parabens in Johnson's products in the past. These Parabens are approved as safe for use in cosmetic products.


I thought it would be good to bulletproof some of my hand written notes that I took on the day, I was so engrossed when the scientists spoke that I didn't take a great deal of notes but here are some of the things that stood out enough for me to write them down. I know there is plenty of in depth talking in this post so these are just short and sweet, perhaps they will spark you to do a little homework...

'Parabens' We eat them everyday!

Less foam = More Gentle!

'Linalool' is a fragrance- found in Blueberries!

Not one essential oil has been tested 'Safe' for Children!

6 Olympic size swimming pools = The same 'Formaldehyde' concentrate as a single apple!

Talc was created late 1800's to stop Infections!

Cruelty Free?

Cruelty Free?

This is a topic that was discussed at the event, so many of the bloggers involved in this partnership had concerns regarding the association with China. Now I am absolutely not ok with Animal testing, however I feel it would be hypocritical of me to harp on about this given that I have not done my research on other products I use. I choose my make up based on the product itself and not on the brands ethos, I guess because its going on my face I don't tend to look much further but when It comes to our children we take much care in knowing more. So I will lay down all the facts that I can to put your mind at ease when it comes to animal testing. Johnson's do NOT test their cosmetic products on animals anywhere in the world. The law in China is that all products have to be tested on animals before it is legal to have them on sale to the public, however Johnson's do not carry out the testing. The testing is done by the Chinese government, Johnson's tries hard to work with the Chinese government to get them to move past this method of testing by educating them. Knowledge is being spread but law is law and Johnson's are aware that this means that in good faith they can not say the products are NOT tested on animals (because they know in China that they are) but what they can say is WE do not carry out any testing on animals.

When I uploaded a recent instagram post it was bought to my attention by my followers that the bunny symbol was missing from the bottles, along with 'Free From' labels. I wanted to touch on this as again this was a topic discussed at the meeting a few months back, all that is required legally when it comes to this is what is actually IN the bottle, not what ISN'T. This concept of displaying things that are not in the bottle is purely a marketing strategy, it has no other purpose other than to influence you to purchase a product because of its lack of nasties. The labels have recently been added to Johnson's products in order to address customer concerns so if you are to look at the products now you will see 'Free From' labels making it clear what is NOT in the bottle.

Natural products? 


‘At Johnson’s, over 90% of the ingredients in their washes, lotions and shampoos are of natural origin’

Talking about Natural products is something that I have wanted touch on, however its complicated. I have gone back and forth with Johnson's and want to make sure I share the right information. I think one of the most prominent quotes I have taken from this learning process so far is that 'natural' ingredients are not always safe to use in their natural form which is why Johnson's put EVERY ingredient through the relevant safety checks necessary to ensure safety. I've also learnt that there are a variety of names being used by brands for different ingredients and some can appear more natural just because they SOUND more natural. Actually there's a chance that they are not natural at all and could be harmful/irritating to your little ones skin.

You can read some more interesting facts and details here...  https://www.johnsonsbaby.com/safety-standards/naturals

Going back to the quote taken from above... what about the other 10%? These ingredients are necessary, they have very specific benefits or/and qualities that Johnson's know support babies skin development. Preservatives make up some of the other 10% and it really opened my eyes when hearing what part they play in the products. Cosmetic products need preservatives in them and I hadn't really given this too much thought before our meeting with the brand, but when you look at the bigger picture preservatives are important and stand a massive purpose in cosmetic products. Bacteria can form in products so easily, its something that can happen even when trying our best to prevent it. My little ones like to hold the Johnson's bottles, Oakley loves to squirt shampoo into his hands and shampoo Olives hair (big brother duties) so more often than not the bottles end up floating around in the bath, we also have an on the wall holder for products which when showering the products get damp etc causing them to become contaminated with water. Once this happens and bacteria starts to form in your products if there wasn't preservatives to protect the products ingredients then the bacteria could grow out of control causing great harm/irritation for your babies skin. With all the early research Johnson's have done into babies skin development they have told us It's so essential that products contain some sort of preservative to ensure its safe and that it can be used long term.

Before I conclude this blog post... THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read it, for whatever reason you are here I hope you took something away with you. Its ok if you still don't trust the brand, its ok if you don't trust me. Its ok if you don't use Johnsons and don't intend too. This partnership is not about forcing you do make a choice or buy a product, it (if you believe it or not) is about knowledge! Without this knowledge I would have continued to doubt the brand, If I believed everything I read on the internet then I would be miss informed and really confused, which I know is a little ironic considering I am putting this up on the internet for you to read but this is not me preaching this is just sharing facts that have been educated to us.


I hope you may follow us on this journey with an open mind and even just a little interest in the outcome. That’s all we wish for.

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