Oakleys 3rd Birthday Party


So its only taken me a month but Ive finally done a little write up of Oaks 3rd Birthday, his actual birthday was on a Wednesday and we visited the Zoo with friends which was lovely. After the zoo, we had everyone to our house for an evening of.... ordering Dominoes Pizza. Not my choice but birthday boy requested pizza and he loves having it delivered to our door, you've never seen excitement like it when the delivery man knocks on the door. (Well its very similar to when the postman arrives to the door with one of my online orders) 

The following Sunday we held Oakley a part at a local leisure center, I was a little skeptical about this but we were short for time and struggling to find a village hall that wasn't already occupied. The reason I was a little unsure about it was because there would be no time to set up before guests arrived, there would be a party finishing just 30 minutes before our guests were due and the facility had cleaners using that 30 minutes to make sure it was ready for us. Not a big deal I know, but knowing what I am like I wanted enough time to create a little personal space for Oakley and a quick 2 minutes would not be enough. It was absolutely fine in the end and the cleaners let us come in and help with it all, meaning I had some time to display the cake and all those other personal touches. If anything I was actually so impressed with how easy the whole thing was, the Leisure center provided the soft play, bouncy castle, toys and when I mean there was something for everyone (even the adults were playing) I would defiantly consider using the space again, I literally had to do no planning at all, the juice, tea and coffee was provided in the package, I didn't have to hire etc I just had to bring the food, cake and any decorations I wanted. The party was 2 hours long and cost us under £90 (excluding cake, food and decorations but I will touch on that in this post) 

I think you may of guessed at this point that we did indeed have a Spiderman/Superhero themed party, it was inevitable after Oakley has grown to be Spidermans biggest fan just recently. He would have a bath in his costume if he could, he often sleeps in it or gets changed into it once we've put him to bed. So we asked our little guests to dress up for a some fun, seeing their faces as they entered the party was super cute, they all loved seeing everyone dressed as their favourite characters. Oakleys Spiderman costume was from the Disney Store we purchased it for him when we were in London and put it away so he had a brand new one for the day, his other one has been hammered since Christmas as he's worn it everyday. We didn't do a great deal in terms of decoration, mostly because of the time we had to set up, a few balloons from Ebay only cost us a few pound as we ordered them in enough time and they came from China. Then Daniel printed off lots of Superhero pop art graphics from online, he printed them in colour onto card and cut them out which you can see behind the cake and they made a nice touch when Oakley was blowing the candles out. 

White 3 Tee- Rose & Guy

Balloons- Ebay

Spiderman Costume- Disney Store

Superhero Bears- Build a Bear

For food we did what we did last year, I will link last years party HERE. We purchased colourful card lunchboxes from eBay, a little like a happy meal box which the children always love as I think unboxing is something children this age go crazy for, even if it is just raisins and a sandwich. Not really, Im not that cruel, each box also had a cheese string, crisps, yoghurt pouch and was followed by the amazing handmade biscuits from Sweet Charity Cookies. 100% of each sale with Michelle goes straight to the children's hospice which is just incredible but her work is so beautiful and almost (almost) too good to eat. Daniel got crafty with each lunchbox and he added a sticker, he used adhesive sticker paper and printed out Superhero logos for each box. The table then had some masks that had also been printed out my Daniel so the children could wear masks at the table, in hindsight not one of his best ideas but they loved it non the less. The food for the children cost a grand total of £20 and there was plenty left over. Bargain!

The cake was made by the one and only Emma at Hello Cake where we tend to order all our cakes as she always does an amazing job at creating exactly what I have in mind plus it helps that they are the best cakes I have ever tasted. We didn't go your typical Spiderman, for the first time Pinterest let me down as I couldn't find anything that wasn't really really garish. I stumbled across some cool cakes that were batman themed and featured a skyline of Gotham City which were amazing so I had a look for cakes that were based on the NYC skyline (as Spiderman is set in New York) and thought we would go down that route. I am going to add the Pinterest Board on here so you can see some of the ideas I found, the board also features a lot of PjMasks as we were torn between the 2 themes. 

Cake- Hello Cake

Cake Topper- Lucy Rose Party 

Biscuits- Sweet Charity Cookies 

Lunch boxes- Ebay


We did some party bags (the last picture above) Which again Daniel used some stickers he had printed off and bags from Ebay. I stupidly didn't take pictures of the content. I usually get a little frustrated with party bags, children love them so I felt I should do them but I often think they are just filled with things that are a waste of time and money (sorry if that sounds so awful) Daniel wanted to do them so I left it in his hands and he did a really good job, he made sure everything was in keeping with the theme. There was super hero temporary tattoos, he had printed and cut out colour in superhero masks with crayons in superhero boxes, an old school Glider in both styles for boys and girls and then each bag had a sealed Spiderman biscuit too. 

Thank you for reading, hope you have enjoyed seeing our party. If I have missed anything or you have any questions then please by all means get in touch. I love planning the little touches for the children's parties, I hope when they look back at the pictures they can see how much effort and love we put into them to make them memorable and fun! 

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