Letter to you, Oakley on your 3rd Birthday



Another year with you, our darling boy. This leap from 2-3 seems to have been the quickest yet, could be because its been a full year as a big brother or could be because you have transformed from a toddler into a little boy in front of my very eyes. I feel so privileged to have had almost this whole past year with you exclusively, going back to work the past 2 months has been made easier in the knowledge that I know your confidence so well.

This past year has created the most incredible memories for us, special time together that without your sister we wouldn't have had. I have beamed with pride watching you protect your sister, I have gotten watery eyed most mornings watching you bound into her room because she's the first person you want to see and I have the image of your giggling faces (after you have sneakily climbed into her crib) cemented in my mind. Safe to say you have the big brother role down, minus the odd sharing spat!

I don't worry about you a great deal because your so brave, you challenge yourself and charge head first into tasks with enthusiasm but at the same time as your mummy all I want to do is to keep you safe and protect you from any potential dangers in this world, no matter how great or how small. I know that a part of you growing up is also letting you fly once in awhile to inevitably stumble and fall from time to time. You have to make your own mistakes and that’s admittedly hard for me, standing back and witnessing you becoming more and more independent. 

You are only 3 but witnessing you grow into the little person that you are becoming makes it ALL worth it.  

You love so hard, I think you've gotten that quality from me. Your passionate about the people and things you love, now your able to express yourself more through speech its so clear when something makes you happy and I love to hear you talk to everything and everyone around you with such joy. We waited so long to hear your voice, it was worth the wait. The loving side of you is probably my favourite, its that rare moment when you feel like my baby again even despite the constant growing up, you still wrap your arms around me like you did before and you still grab my face with both hands for kisses. I hope you never stop!

You are so fearless little one, I know it could just be your innocence but I think its so much more than that. Your couragious, a real explorer and despite the many heart attacks I LOVE to adventure with you. You spent this past summer outdoors everyday, bare foot and climbing anything you could, you have taught me to be a little more fearless this past year and to have more fun outdoors which we have continued to do even into the Winter. We have made some amazing outdoor memories, mostly geared by you Oaks. 

The difference in you this past year has been phenominal little one but I think 'THREE' is going to be your number to truly shine for all you are! Happy Birthday oakley colin gray, keep making us proud darling because we love you to the moon and back again!

Your Mummy...