GIVEAWAY from Paris with Little Cigogne


Lets be honest if someone told me I could receive clothes from Paris, in a custom package built for me, try them on in the comfort of my own home, send back what I didn't like and only THEN pay for the items I wanted to keep? I would say Shut the front door!!!

Now if someone told me I could do that with CHILDRENS CLOTHING? I would say SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW!!! 

Little Cigogne reinvent shopping experience for parents & children by sending to your home 3 custom looks, they only ask you to pay for what you keep AND they ship all over Europe! So when they asked me to try the experience for myself I jumped at the chance, the process intrigued me and I wanted to know more and try it for myself. 

The process is so easy, you set up a profile for each of your children, age, gender, size etc but then you also select a variety of additional information for example, 3 colours you would never dress your child in & 3 colours you would! but my favourite part is selecting 3 of your favourite looks, the website shows you a selection of flatlays that all represent a particular style/trend and you can select up to 3 looks that you love! the whole process was fun, I was eagerly awaiting my boxes for Oaks and Olive to see if they got it right and indeed they did. I was in love with every single bit! 

Below are a few screen shots from the process I followed so you can see for your self. 

Each bundle arrived in a box, with each of the 3 looks tied together so each outfit build was clear. I loved how they were packaged! The love and thought gone into creating a custom look for both Oakley and Olive was so clear. The images below are the 6 looks created for us, I love them all! I was a little skeptical at first, I wondered if perhaps I would love maybe 1 or 2 looks but infact I adore all 6! Once I saw how perfect the looks were I just knew I had to share this shopping experience with you.

Olives Looks:

Oakleys Looks:

So I have teamed up with Little Cigogne to run a giveaway, which gives a lucky winner the chance to win a code for one free box with 3 looks to keep!! 

This is NOT a paid collaboration, although we were given the opportunity to take part in the experience for free and receive a bundle for both Oakley & Olive this post is not sponsored. I was just so taken with the brand, the clothing and how unique the whole experience was that I have asked them to give one of you the chance to experience it also. 

How to enter....

1. Follow both Little Cigogne and ME on Instagram. 

2. Find the picture above! Like it! 

3. Tag as many accounts in the comments as you wish! 

4. Wait until Saturday 5th of May and one lucky winner will receive a unique code for ONE FREE BOX! 

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