Favourite Skincare- Old & New.

Lets begin this with a disclaimer, as I said on my previous Skin Care post earlier in the year I am by no means a Beauty Blogger I simply wanted to share some new and old products that I have been using. If you were to read the previous Blog Post you will see that some of the products here are my favourite products and have been for years and others are new (I have been using the ‘new’ ones for the past 2 months so I feel I can give a true review.

After telling you guys on Instagram stories about my summer face, the one that’s filled with freckles and making it very difficult to wear foundation you were all so fab at telling me to go bare faced. So I have been make up free way more than normal and that’s prompted me to be more ridged with a skincare routine. I ditched baby wipes a long time ago but I was definitely still guilty on the odd occasion when feeling lazy, for the past 2 months I have been solely using these products right here. 

‘Fresh Farmacy’ Soap from Lush (Not Photographed)

I think if I was deserted on a desert island and could only have 3 things with me, this would be one of them (along with Moisturiser and Nutella) I have been using this soap for 4 years, it removes makeup, its gentle and its very effective on dryish skin. 


'9 to 5' Cleanser from Lush

This is a relatively new product that I have been using but its bloody brilliant, even after using my soap twice this cleanser manages to pick up any remaining dirt or make up and its actually pretty grim to see it on the cotton wool pads but it goes to show how I have been missing so much by not cleansing & toning before moisturising. This product uses Almond Oil, so its ridiciously soft on your skin, it doesn't dry my skin out at all and my skin feels so clean after every use.  

'Rehydrating Ginseng Toner' By Elemis  

Ok So this is the first toner I have used in years, I have been using it for 2 months (almost) now and I must admit that its made a big difference, again as I have said above its been an eye opener seeing how much dirt or makeup is still on my skin despite washing it with my favourite soap. This toner is so refreshing, cooling and gentle on all my skin and it wakes me up every morning. 


'Super Food Face Oil' By Elemis

Having never used a Face Oil frequently, I wasn't sure if an oil was the way for me, but I was advised to use it under my moisturiser (product below) that way it would even enhance how well my moisteriser worked as Im obsessed with not having dry skin I moisturise a lot and like thick moisturisers. With the risk of sounding stupid, this isn't too oily, its smooth and silk like which feels great. BENEFITS: Hydrates, Nourishes, Smoothes, its plant based and it won a Vogue Beauty award this year. 

'Hydra Boost Day Cream' By Elemis 

Best moisterisrer I have ever used, it feels so thick when you first feel it but it rubs into your skin like a dream giving all the benefits of a thick cream but with no grease or sinking in time. Its perfect for Dry to combination skin like mine, and I checked some reviews and every review I could find was 5 stars. I have been using it for 9 weeks now and I still have a quarter of the tube left so its good value for money as a little goes a long way. 


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Intensive Repair lip Balm

It was a good year ago now I asked Insta (because Insta is better than google) to help me find a lip balm because the weather changes had my lips dryer than I had ever seen them before, this right here was 75% of the suggestions and I took the plunge on the most expensive lip balm I had ever owned (£17.50 est) Never looked back and also never ever had dry lips again! I use this every day without fail and its in my handbag always! 

I also use the Lip Scrub which I received in a gift set at Christmas time, I used to use the Lush lip scrub (great scrub) but this is just as good. I would say the Elizabeth Arden scrub has finer grains and doesn't leave me looking a little sore after a scrub, using this before I wear a coloured lipstick is great as the lipstick always goes on better and looks smoother. 

Mac Prep & Prime Fix+ Spray (In Coconut) 

I am not sure how I ever lived without this product, it has so many functions. Firstly its great after you've cleaned your face and before you put your make up on, its so refreshing and cool and I just spray and wait a few minutes before applying my make up. I also use it to fix my face once all my make up is on, it really does work as a setting spray and my makeup has very little movement once used. But my favourite way to use it is by spraying on my make up brushes before I use them, highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow... it helps attach the product to the brush, so when you apply to your face you don't have to go back for more. 


Lush FOMO Face Mask 

Finally my favourite face mask at the moment, I always always go for a Lush Face mask. I just love that you can select one based on what problem areas you may have or want to combat. I most of the time opt for a fresh mask that needs refrigerating but because I don't always get to use it that often I found I was throwing it away because of the use by date, this mask is longer lasting. Its jelly like and when you rub it into your hands the warmness changes it to the right consistency to apply to your face. Its gentle as calamine powder calms and soothes while rose absolute balances for clear skin, its also good for evening out skin tone. 

Some, not all of the links in this Blog Post are Affiliate links. 

Some, not all of the links in this Blog Post are Affiliate links. 

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