The Eden Project- Photo Diary.


So on the last day of our Cornwall Holiday we visited the incredible Eden Project, nothing could have prepared me for how much I was going to love it! (Hence why I have dedicated a whole blog post too it, because I took WAY too many photos) 

I will link my holiday blog post HERE incase you want to read up about what we did when we visited Cornwall a few weeks back, I explained in the Blog post about how we plan in days in new locations on our First & Last holiday day. Its a great way of breaking up traveling in the car and means that you get to explore new locations further a field to where you are staying, on the way into Cornwall we visited Padstow and on the way home we made a stop into The Eden Project! 

Let me start by saying this isn't a sponsored post, we paid our entrance fee just like everyone else, we didn't even get savvy and use our Tesco Club card points ( like so many of you suggested) Its just something we were intergiued about so wanted to take the children. We figured that we could tick It off our list and at least if we didn't enjoy it, well we could say we had been! The entrance fees can be discounted by booking in advance online, that gives you a nice little 10% off, Children under 4 are free and the cost of an adults entry is £27.50. The fact that both our children are under 4 made that little dent in funds a little more bearable, but one thing I will say is that The Eden project defiantly offers enough to spend the whole day there. You can definatly feel like your getting your moneys worth, Daniels parents who joined us for the trip were slightly apprehensive when I told them the price of the tickets because they weren't sure it was something they would be interested in, they left completely in awe of what they had experienced and would be happy to return with us again next year.     

This Blog post is mostly because I can't bare for these photos to sit on my laptop and not be seen, we had a wonderful day with the children as they were surrounded by nature, adventure & discovery. If you have followed me for a while you will know Oakley's love for the outdoors, Olive is following in her brothers footsteps and if your little ones are as green fingered and as free spirited I would highly recomened a trip. 

The project is made up by two giant enclosures filled with a vast variety of plants from across the world, from different enviroment's, climates and temperatures. The enclosures are made to stimulate a natural biome so that the plants can grow as if in their natural habitat, when we were inside we almost forgot about where we were it felt very real. The largest of the two biomes simulates a rainforest environment and then the second emulates a Mediterranean Environment, both are distinctivaly different, not just from the plants but from the little decretive touches too.

There is also has an outside botanical garden which has plants and wildlife native to Cornwall and the UK in general; it also has plants that provide an important and interesting backstory because some of which have prehistoric heritage. We didn't have as much time to explore outside as we were so excited to get into the enclosures, but the time we spent in the outdoor gardens was fab as theres was lots of smaller areas to see and also the coolest Ice cream stops! The flavours were not like normal ice cream flavours and I managed to try 'Baobab' and coconut flavour which was a taste sensation. There was also great options for unusual healthy food, juice bars, a rum bar and great gift shops. One of the first places we visited was 'The Core' it was a building filled with instillations, art work and learning the website describes this building as a way to help communicate Eden's central message about the relationship between people and plants. 

The Rainforest biome was the first area we visited, the larger of the two. As they are made to house worldly plants you can imagine the hot air that immediately hits you as you enter. Its a little like when you step off an areoplane into a foreign country and it feels so bizarre but also kind of nice, I have no idea how they make it feel so intense but it all adds to the atmosphere. I felt as though I was wading through the rainforest, it was incredible and both little ones instantly wanted to run off and explore. Oakley took his shoes off as if he felt so at home and he barely checked to look for us behind him, off he went! There was some informative plaques around which explained what plants or trees were etc and also their origins, for someone that has very little interest in gardening at home I still found it all very fascinating, I think it was down to how unique looking some parts were as ovbiously you don't see them down the local garden centre. Throughout the biome there was numerous water fountains which was great as the air was so muggy and hot, we stopped at all of them as Oakley was loving his first experience with this amazing invention (insert sarcastic face here) Bless him! We crossed draw bridges, stood in front of waterfalls to cool down, ran through cold steam, walked bare foot with the tropical birds at our feet, played puzzles that were dotted around and looked up at trees that felt never ending. It was such a different kind of day out for us, the experience was great! We took a little break in-between biomes and stopped off in one of the gift shops which had some very cool products. Beautiful homeware, eco friendly gifts and appliances, if I didn't have two children ready to keep exploring I could of well and truly gotten lost in there. So many beautiful childrens items, games and though provoking ways to get children engaged in nature or the outdoors. 

The Mediterranean biome is slightly smaller and more open (all pictures above were taken inside and a few in the section above that too) this one of the two was more beautiful, in terms of colour and character. It was much less green, plants and trees were not so tall and there was much less heat. This biome was brimming with stunning feature walls, tiles, art work and oh so much vibrant colour, it was so dreamy! It has the most pictureesque resturant in the middle, this is where they host wedding receptions and I am not going to lie I would defiantly consider renewing my vows in there, wow! I felt as though I had entered an Italian paradise, terracotta pots bursting with colourful flowers and intricately detailed rugs created the cutest story telling area, there was a timetable for story telling which we sadly missed but the books had been left out so we did our own. We were also late for the restaurant as it was closing an event, if we went back I would defiantly plan in a family dinner there as it was too lovely not too. 

Im so sure we missed many of the facilities that The Eden project has to offer, intact I know we did. We didn't arrive until late dinner so we could have experienced more but what we did experience was amazing. Such a breathtaking environment, somewhere so unique for children to visit. I am going to pop our Cornwall highlights video here, if you can make it towards the end of the video you will see some of our time at The Eden Project. 

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