All the worlds a stage. Day out with Kickers UK. (AD)

I had a pair of Kickers shoes as a child, when we were asked if we wanted to work with the brand I started to wonder where my kickers may have taken me. Perhaps the zoo, the farm or the Castle I now take my children too. I know they were the shoes that walked me through the school doors when I was just a few years older than Oakley. Crazy to think that they will probably do the same for Oakley and Olive too. 

So they slipped their matching lace ups on and we headed out to our favourite National Trust to try them out. Oakley always gets excited over new shoes ( No idea where he gets that from) so he was pretty happy to be putting them through some vigoroius testing methods. This included lots of climbing, running, racing, rolling on the grass, lady bird searching, scarecrow hunting and finally putting on a show for anyone who would watch.    

It goes without saying that not only do they look so stinking cute in matching shoes but I can be sure that they are a sturdy and a great quality shoe. I have popped a link HERE for the Classic Kick Hi which is what both Oakley and Olive are wearing. 

'All the worlds a stage.'

 William Shakespeare

Confidence is a quality that he doesn't lack, he brings my confidence out the more he grows up, encouraging me to be silly with him. All the worlds a stage to him at the moment, he waves to passers by and speaks to any child he meets. He's my hero and his sisters too, I see her watch him in awe and follow him around and I hope she too one day stands on a stage and sings freely to an audience or whatever it is that makes her feel good! 

Thank you so much to Kickers shoes for our day out, I tried (just like I always do), but I tried even harder this day to stand in their shoes and see things through their eyes. These pictures are some of my favourites, just an ordinary day was turned into something magical with your guidance. 

Thank you for reading this blog post, I have been paid to collaborate with Kickers Uk however this blog post is my own, my own words and my own images. I put this post together because I wanted to document all the images in one space. Some images were taken by my talented friend at Humpston & Bull

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