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So as you may already know, this year I am working with Johnson's Baby. Part of this role entails me and a group of 25 other bloggers attending a variety of training days to learn more in depth about what goes into their products and why. I will link my first Blog post HERE so if you wish to catch up on all things skincare then you can. 

This meeting just gone was all about the Hair Care product that Johnson's have in their range, 10 products in total (so many of which I hadn't realised even exsisted) The Johnson's team were so great at breaking down so many interesting facts about hair and its development even in the earliest of stages, I would say a good 90% of the facts I had no idea about! We also had the pleasure of meeting a hair expert, who really delved into the science of hair types which was so interesting. The main aim of the meetings with Johnson's this year is to share a greater amount of knowledge with you, through workshops, talks and speaking to professionals we as bloggers are able to ask questions to fully understand the products we use on our children. We are also here to ask questions on your behalf and get to grips with what you want to know so as always, feel free to leave any comments on the bottom of this Blog Post. 

Admitidly hair care hasn't been high on my agenda, other than wanting to wash out the remains of the kids dinner I hadn't thought further than just making their hair clean. Clean is just the start really so in this blog post I will cover what I have learned.  

Prenatal hair also known as 'Baby hair' can not grow very long, Primary hair forms from age 1-12 years and is 2-3x thicker than baby hair and can grow 4x as long as baby hair. 

Hair lines begin to develop as little as 18 weeks gestation? True or False.... 

TRUE! How crazy is that, as quickly as you can discover your growing babies gender you can also now be in the knowledge that they may already be growing their daddy's dodgy hairline. This must of course mean that the hair follicles are forming too, these start their development in the tiny 8 week old foetus. Following birth the density of hair follicles on the scalp progressively decreases, while the thickness of the babies hairs increases. This means that treating the scalp to some tender loving care is just as important as it is to treat the hair itself. 

One scalp condition thats so common in newborn babies is Cradle Cap, mostly common in the first few months. Cradle cap is not contagious, it does not harm your baby and most importantly please don't feel it is a result of anything you have done as its simply one of those things that is out of our hands. Both Oakley & Olive had minor periods with Cradle cap, I was too scared to use any products on their heads so I went down the route of letting it run its course, I wish I had known that it is safe to use a little baby shampoo. 

The best way to describe it is scabs that form on your babies scalp, they can be yellow in colour and greasy to the touch, although they are completely harmless and it will heal itself with little to no treatment at all, Johnson's gave us some top tips to share with you for when wanting to ease the issue. 

  1. Regular washing of the scalp with a baby shampoo, followed by gentle brushing with a soft brush to loosen scales

  2. Soften the scales with baby oil first, followed by gentle brushing and then wash off with Baby Shampoo.

  3. Soak the crusts overnight with white petroleum jelly, vegetable or olive oil and shampoo in the morning.

  4. If these methods don't work, speak to your pharmacist or GP. 



How often should you wash your little ones hair?

This is a question that prompted so many opposing answers, who knows exactly how many times a Childs hair should be washed? No one except us, we are simply to wash our little ones hair as often as it needs to be cleaned. 


Johnson's baby haircare products consist of a collection of 10 products, some of which we have been using since the birth of Oakley but I was delighted to discover that theres a bigger range of options available to us. All products are free from parabens and phthalates, all of the products also have the Johnson's NO MORE TEARS formula making the process less stressful for us parents. 

Conditioner has always in my eyes been an adult product, for no other reason than assumption. Moisture is vital in any type of hair so I have started using the '3 step routine' cleaning method when washing both Oakley and Olives hair as of late, there are 2 sets of products in particular that I have been using...

SHINY DROPS. This promises to makes hair look silky soft & full of life! These have a drop of argan oil and a touch of silk proteins. 

NO MORE TANGLES. This remove knots & tangles to make combing easier, even with long or curly hair. Its great for growing hair that can easily tangle. 

The three steps include using Shampoo, Conditioner and also a Spray in Conditioner that can be used when hair is wet or dry! This has to be my favourite of the bunch, I have also been using it on my own hair after every wash to help get a brush through it when wet, the process is something that I tend to let stress me out as my hair tangles so badly but I can honestly swear to you the spray has worked. Its incredibly versatile as I also use it to style both Oakley and Olives hair, Oakleys curls stay lovely shiny and soft, he now allows me to comb his hair with a wide tooth comb as before he would cry for me to stop. Olives hair is growing so fastly so having it away from her face is so vital when she's off being a busy toddler, I use the spray to make it super easy and quick to create a pony tail or even bunches. 

We bath the little ones at night and for me the biggest help is that the three steps routine allow and encourage that winding down time in-between bath and bed, with no upset when brushing hair its easy for the mood to stay calm. 

Thank you so much for reading this post, as we continue to learn this year with Johnson's Baby I am very grateful for your interest in learning alongside me and supporting me. Everything written in this post has been reviewed by Johnson's baby and is correct, this post is a sponsored blog post however all words are my own and have been written as a result of a learning workshop with the brand. 

This Blog Post is sponsored but as always content and images are my own. 

This Blog Post is sponsored but as always content and images are my own. 

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