Frigiliana, day in pictures.

Last time we visited Nerja we didn't manage to make the trip to Frigiliana and we regretted it massively, after hearing so many lovely things about it and your guys recommendations. If your staying in Nerja then its worth a trip up into the mountains (or at least that is what it felt like) to see this quaint little Spanish town. It was colourful, characteristic and very Instagramable.

Me & Daniel joke that if somewhere is deemed as ‘not child friendly’ then we are like … Nah we will give it a go! Frigiliana is around a 10-15 minute drive from Nerja, but the walk is way too much by foot so get a taxi.

You can expect cute white buildings, bright doors & breathtaking views.

The first thing we did was take a little train around the town, this was great because we saw areas we probably wouldn't have discovered by foot. The train takes you right to the top of the hills over looking the mountains for a little break off the train, me & Oaks looked for caves and Daniel kept the stunt toddler safe and secure on the train. haha!

There is also little tuctucs that take just a couple of people around for a more personal trip of the town, we loved the look of them but found the train an easier option with the little ones.

There was a playground that we didn’t manage to get over too but I noticed it straight away and was thankful as I always feel a little guilty if we are in a location thats not geared around the little ones. Madness really as they were just so happy to wander around and eat ice cream.

When you arrive in Frigiliana there are two different directions to walk through, this sounds vague but the directions will be very clear, one side is mostly residential but the locals were so friendly and welcoming, they stopped to talk to Olive who insisted on walking everywhere. We ended up getting a little lost on this side as we headed off the beaten track but we found some beautiful little streets and spent some time admiring peoples homes and their relaxed way of life. I like the fact that Oaks got to see it and ask questions about what was happening around him.

The other side is probably even more stunning, filled with lots of ceramic & mosaic displays and beauty. This direction is also where you will find all the shops & restaurants, followed by the Church at the top of the hill which is well worth a visit (well if your little ones are tired or sleeping) The town was like a postcard, everywhere was very clean and white, yet there were explosions of colour and art everywhere.

If like me you have an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing spaces, you take great pleasure from architecture, mosaics and all the finer details then it is the place for you. The town was like a piece of art, I could of stayed exploring all day but sadly the temperature was so high and we had to head back to our pool to cool down.

This blog post is mostly for me to look back on, I enjoyed our day in Frigiliana and took way too many pictures for them not to be seen. Thank you for taking a look.

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