AD\ Working with 'Cleen App'

As someone who loves to eat out I was really interested when a local company dropped into my inbox recently, with an App that is set to improve washrooms all over the UK.

We take the kids out to eat a fair amount, despite the difficulties and logistics with 2 little ones in tow (we love a challenge) you can often find us hanging out in coffee shops or cute cafes. Anything to save my sanity, you have to be with me on this one parents? That small trip out for a caffeine hit does the world of good for everyone! BUT if I was greeted with a lack of changing facilities, no proper nappy waste solutions or just a down right unhygienic washroom? The the chances are I am not going to staying too long and I certainly wouldn’t return.

Thing is how would WE ever anticipate that happening? Do we have time to call ahead? Probably not, sometimes a desperate trip out of the house is unplanned. Does that kind of important information appear on a social media page? Nope, I have never clicked onto a location online and seen an obvious idea of whether or not a location has suitable changing facilities.

So The ‘Cleen’ app has been designed in my home town of Derby and I am really keen to tell you all about IT. The app enables users to review washrooms in any venue, by placing a review about anything at all that was satisfactory or perhaps not it allows a growing database of information for users to access. Your review could stop another Parent from having to tolerate a sub-standard washroom with no changing facilities.

On top of that it means that as a user you can conveniently double check a venue has what you need before making a journey to it! We use Apps day in day out for a huge range of things, I know I would find it incredibly useful to tap my phone, input a location and make sure that its washrooms were right for us. Its a washroom revolution!

You can click HERE for the download link.

Since being introduced to the App we have used it to place a review several times, we recently visited York and I made a conscious decision to make the time to place reviews, as without it establishments can not use the feedback and improve. Its a few very simple steps. The app uses the locator on your phone, alternatively you can type a location in the search bar and it will appear. You can select what facilities you want to review, Female washroom, Baby changing, Disabled facilities etc then within less than 1 minute the review is placed by simply tapping a star rating and a smiley face system. SO simple! But the impact it could have over time is immense for customers and establishments.

I was also able to use it on OUR recent weekend away to find places to visit, as we shopped and explored a new location it was super handy as we didn’t have our bearings. We opened the app and was greeted with a collection of reviews near by and we actually found a coffee shop that way instead of USING Google, so thats a bonus to add to its features!

Its an App that benefits us all and I encourage you to take a look for yourselves and perhaps try to utilise its features when your next out and about.

Thanks for reading…

Ainsley GrayComment